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2017年10月18日 星期三

Black TEA Weight Loss


Weight loss is a lot of people a lifetime of the subject, in addition to control the diet, the refusal to sugar beverages is also an important key, so many people will use roses and other tea as a weight loss of the golden period of tea, but in fact, Of the people, the flowers and tea is too cold, but will reduce the basal metabolic rate, drink too much on the stomach will be hurt.
Chinese medicine practitioners Lai Rui Xin pointed out that in addition to herbs and tea is too cold, containing hawthorn and so on to digest the tea, but also make people easy to hunger, but also want to eat, it is recommended if you drink tea to control the weight of the people can do their own "black slimming Tea ", the material only need Pu'er tea and fried black beans.

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