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2017年10月18日 星期三

Do not rely on the gym Australia girl 12 months lost 120 pounds Weight loss

Do not rely on the gym Australia girl 12 months lost 120 pounds Weight loss,

 inspirational, recipe, exercise Josephine Desgrand, a 17-year-old Australian girl, has a motto: "I'm fighting with sugar and are winning." That's not true, just 12 months ago, 240 pounds, are sorry to go to the gym. Now, she lost half of her weight, and the former two people, in the social media inspired a lot of people. What is the secret of her success? Fitness mad sweating? Or hunger hungry themselves? Is not, because of her fat and life depressed, determined to lose weight, completely changed his diet, plus at home to do some exercise, to achieve a healthy weight loss, of course, all this appearance is actually there is an important point, That is determination and self-discipline. Josephine's first step in weight loss is to completely eliminate sugars, including reducing fruit intake. She said in an interview: "I put the fruit as candy bars, eat a certain amount of food every week.I also put on food containing carbohydrates, in the past year, I have not eaten bread, pasta, and even chocolate " Josephine said that the first two weeks of starting to lose weight was tough because her cravings for sweets and carbohydrates were strong, but after two weeks of persistence, the craving was fading away. -->

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