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2011年8月14日 星期日

Weight loss - weight loss summer fashion campaign

Weight Loss Methods
30 minutes burning 500 cards. Often lose weight or want to lose weight for this picture should be very familiar with the following. Person's body is muscle, fat, water, bones, organs formed.
Because obesity is caused by fat accumulation in the body, so healthy weight loss should be to reduce the proportion of fat.

But now the popular way to lose weight, mostly to reduce the absorption of calories, fat, the reduction mostly water and muscle, but even some increase in fat.
So, will the same as the following figure. Although the body weight, and in reducing the muscle, reducing the basal metabolic circumstances, it is easy and fat again.
Healthy and effective way to lose weight with exercise will lose weight.
In addition to burning fat because of exercise, but also can increase muscle mass, increased basal metabolism, the formation of fat the body is not easy.

Women's movement method to lose weight
However, the general basis for improving the metabolism of aerobic exercise, and not much effect. To increase muscle mass, muscles have to do exercise (weight training).
Current methods of weight loss for the women's movement, almost no muscles part.
And because Curves is designed for the needs of the women's movement to lose weight.
Curves circular movement in the United States Baylor University (Baylor) designed the study, combined with muscle, aerobic, stretching three sports, is the most efficient way to exercise to lose weight.
Designed for women for muscle movement equipment, simple, fun and safe.
Exercise lose weight