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2011年8月14日 星期日

Water weight loss

Summer drink diet, water weight loss
If I say to drink water to lose weight, I'm afraid you do not believe, let us in detail under the water to lose weight this peculiar anatomical concepts and methods. Scorching summer, the weather unusually hot, you get a little exercise will put the sweat, especially for people who want to lose weight is through exercise, even more so. Therefore, the time to add moisture to scientifically significant for health weight loss is very significant for the. Maybe a lot of people think that hydration is a very simple matter, as long as the thirsty to drink water that thing! The facts are not. According to scientific studies have shown that: water is not conducive to unhealthy weight loss, but also affect health. So what kind of drink called scientific method, in order to achieve healthy weight loss goals then drink it? Accordingly, we propose the following suggestions:

Recommended a weight loss drink. The number to be much less water.
Each with a small cup as well, after exercise Gudonggudong to drink a large bottle, but wrong. A lot of water the body will produce a lot of damage, severe cases can cause body water and electrolyte balance disorders, and even water intoxication.

Water weight loss recommended two. Sweating more after exercise, drink warm salt water, do not drink unboiled water.
Light drinking a lot of sweat after the light is not salt water, is not conducive to the body electrolyte balance. Raw water contains pathogenic bacteria, in addition, the water did not boil the water with chlorine residual organic matter interaction can produce a harmful substance. Now that the water is the best drinking water.

Proposed three methods to lose weight drink water, eat more fruits and vegetables is an effective way to add moisture. Eat vegetables and fruit only add moisture, but also provides the necessary minerals and other nutrients, has multiple purposes.

Suggest four ways to lose weight drink water. To develop a good habit of drinking water regularly, do not wait until thirsty to drink water only.

After getting up in the morning every day, around 10 am, at 3,4 point, before going to sleep at night these four "best time to water" to drink 1-2 cups of water. Many times the body due to lack of water and gave us the wrong signal, such as hunger is often caused by lack of water. Then it will drink it "becomes" snack.

Water weight loss suggestions V. to help reduce your body fat.
Consumption of fat needs water to help, if the body of water shortage, but will reduce the metabolism of fat, in addition, water can help you reduce the appetite, so you feel more satisfied after eating. It makes you look more healthy. Finally, we add that, in the hot weather, if you can pay attention to drink boiled water or fruit drinks, and snacks instead of the body did not let the desire for water. So the good habit will moisturize your skin, skin smooth and elastic, so exaggeration to say that water also drink out of a good figure.