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2012年8月10日 星期五

Skipping way to lose weight is the most economical

Weight loss does not have to spend money, of course, you need to know the way to lose weight weight loss center or beauty salon must not be misled into believing the publicity. Exercise to lose weight is the most direct way to lose weight, is also the most effective. Of course, you can go to the fitness center to find a health coach designed a series of exercise to lose weight for you, but often the most simple movements such as running skipping, has surprising weight loss.

Skipping only need a flat ground and a rope, you can be in response to their own physical and different times of jump rope, you do not need high-speed rope skipping, because weight loss is not the speed of light you skipping an increase in .

The jump rope is the most effective weight loss exercise weight loss exercise, the same exercise time, jumping rope can burn more calories to lose weight so there is no difficulty.


A. Skipping should wear a soft texture, light weight, high shoes to prevent ankle injuries.

Two. Rope hard and soft, medium thickness. Beginners usually hard wire is preferred, proficiency can be changed to a soft rope.

3. Good lawn, wooden floor and soil to the site to select moderate hardness not skipping the hard cement floor, so as not to damage the joint, and could easily cause dizziness.

4. Skipping to relax the muscles and joints, toe and heel to be hard to coordinate, to prevent sprains.

5 Fat and middle-aged women should adopt the feet while landing. The same time, the jump should not be too high, so as to avoid joint injuries too load.

6. Skipping to let the foot, leg, wrist, ankle, make some preparations before you can make some relaxation after skipping.

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