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2012年8月11日 星期六

Veterans General Hospital diet

Daily breakfast: a guava or tomato, eggs, two and unsweetened espresso cup of





Fruit platter (not limited to, but not excessive), guava, tomato, grapes, ten tablets or sugar-free, water too much fruit can be.

Two eggs, vegetable platters (small cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, green peppers may be a small cap), whole wheat toast one (roasted), a guava, a cup of coffee.


Cold chicken wings, brisket either (boiled, steamed, stewed, can, but need to be peeled) tomato two, a guava.

The the lean thirty-two (boiling, steaming can be), one of vegetables, celery, cucumber, a cup of coffee.


Two eggs, tomato two, a cup of coffee.

Lean meat two or three, celery, carrots, lettuce, a small cap.


The same Monday.

The same Monday.


Two eggs, spinach, half a catty (can only be boiled salad, add a drop of sesame oil), a cup of coffee.

A fish (steamed, boiled may be), a small dish of lettuce, tomatoes two, toast and a guava a coffee cup.


The same Friday.

Lean meat two or three, celery, cucumber, a small dish, a tomato, coffee cup.


The same Monday.

A chicken, carrots, a small dish of boiled cabbage, tomato two, a guava, coffee cup.


Fasting wine, sugar, beverages, ice cream, cake, melon seeds, peanuts and so on. All grains, vegetables, and are not available

    Fry fried. The coffee can not be sweetened. Can not drink milk. Eggs, chicken, fish, and can only be boiled, steamed, stewed. Three meals a day

    Fasting menus outside food.

Second, you can use tea or water instead of coffee.

Three, types of fruits and vegetables, increase the sugar, water less fruit, such as wax apples, melons, pears, or pickles.

    Loofah gourd and bean sprouts, leeks, eggplant and other vegetables.

4 day eggs up to three (ie, breakfast can be reduced to an egg).

Five, more than a walk, exercise for gymnastics.

This menu to implement a two-week, two weeks after the return to ordinary diet, most people can be reduced to seven to ten kilograms.

How to achieve fast body whitening?

Whitening tips for daily life:

1 by the sun, UV rays can cause melanoma increase, dry skin and wrinkles.

When they go out, you must use sunscreen cream foundation to protect the skin. Do not forget an umbrella, a hat is also very important.

Sun care is also very important. 3 diet: eat less irritating food ‧

Such as spicy, tea, coffee; eat containing vitamin c vegetables, fruits. Fast whitening:

Recommended one week 2 or 3 times attaining

* Weight loss, a new life of the Convention:

 Before going to bed three hours of fasting. Two hours before and after exercise, fasting three oil and sugar. The wine as little as possible

Reduce salt intake, mining light diet, fluid intake one day 2000c.c (eight glasses)

(6) the right amount of body movement. Bedtime drink liquid beverages. Smaller meals. Time quantitative

10 slowly 11 should be a balanced intake of various types of food 12. Partial eclipse, not overeating

13. Adequate intake of cellulose to prevent constipation. Stimulating condiments, should reduce the use of

* The recommended daily intake: carbohydrate six servings of fruits, four proteins, two to three servings

 The vegetables are not limited to (B of vegetables should not be consuming too much, because of its heat Bijia vegetables for more than

Required fried water is generally recommended about four, but there must be dark green vegetables!)

* Unit conversion: 1 cup = 16 tablespoons = 240 grams (cc) 1 kg = 1000 grams = 2.2 pounds

Tai Jin (kg) = 600 grams = 16 two

         1 pounds = 16 ounces = 454 grams 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons

Veterans General Hospital diet

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