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2012年8月11日 星期六

Weight loss secret

Weight loss secret

First, the diet categories:

Starvation diet: This is the most traditional way. Dieting to lose weight is to eat very little food and even

Do not eat food to lose weight, so the body does not have enough calories to meet the basic physiological functions.

Need energy to survive, the body will automatically reduce the metabolism, and will save the fat

Fat consumption of lean muscle, the first to meet the basic physiological function results less and less lean muscle metabolism

Rate is getting lower and lower, more and more fat, creating a vicious cycle, so we often hear people

Diet several times but fatter, getting lower and lower metabolic rate is the problem.

Low-calorie nutritious meal packages: low-calorie nutritious meals package can reduce calorie intake without causing malnutrition, but

Some manufacturers mislead consumers into every meal to eat low-calorie nutritious meal package, and not continue to eat on weight

Will rise again. In fact, low-calorie nutritious meals wrapped in day-to-day control diet calories and nutritional supplements is a good

Choice with a meal in the day, it is one of the methods of weight management, but

Not the only way.

Slimming tea, sugar: make appetite, decreased food intake, but will cause malnutrition, and does not continue to eat

The weight will rebound.

Meat do not eat: You can reduce weight without feeling hungry, but long-term consumption of malnutrition

, Osteoporosis, acidosis, destroy kidney function.

Weight loss recipe: each person required recipe is not the same as someone else's recipe only as a reference, it should be

Learn how to plan according to their own situation to their diet, so that it can lasting.

Second, improper diet pills:

Amphetamine: inhibition of the hypothalamic feeding center, to achieve the purpose of reducing appetite, and long-term consumption of addictive

There are very serious mental side effects.

Diuretics: body weight will drop, but the loss of moisture, long-term consumption may lead to such as the destruction of renal function,

Gout, and diabetes.

Laxative: make stomach acid to reduce loss of appetite, regular consumption can produce anemia and gastrointestinal diseases.

Three other methods: sauna, slimming clothes are just minus the weight of moisture; acupuncture, acupressure short

Temporary appetite control, but can not be sustained; surgery has certain risks, but there may be

Side effects. The recent popular weight loss cream weight loss soap, and some can really eliminate the skin surface of the sponge

Organizations, but the effectiveness of restrictions on local and surface, not deep to the body to reduce fat, increase lean muscle.

Slimming cream, soap, obese people may have a supporting role, best not to rely on them to achieve our goals.
Weight loss secret,Weight loss

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