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2012年8月6日 星期一

The world's most simple back stretch exercise to lose weight

If you are a variety of weight-loss techniques are tried, the stomach or like the spare tire; If you are a family of "metabolic syndrome", all you need is a simple, durable, convenient weight-loss techniques, rather than complex and difficult to learn. Thin movement. "Back stretch exercise to lose weight" is the simple actions anyone can do!◆ "stretching the back, why can lean? ─ ─ ─People fat and sick, 90 percent because of the autonomic nervous system disorders. The back of the deterioration of muscle strength, basal metabolism will be reduced, leading to easy to burn body fat, the body will become fat.Therefore, as long as the regular activities of the back of the erector spinae, exercise more muscle burns calories, which can secrete a large number to break down body fat, the "growth hormone". Once the stretching of the erector spinae can stimulate brown fat cells, and promote fat burning, and play a slimming effect. Not only the spine change straight, the body will restore vitality and health.Stretching back is equivalent to stretching the spine, the spine, there are several autonomic ganglia distribution of back stretching exercises is to lift the neck and back pressure, prompting the movement of the autonomic nervous system back to normal ".Back stretch exercise to lose weight

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