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2012年12月4日 星期二

Common sense of weight loss in winter


Common sense weight loss in winter
Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss winter common sense
For obese girls winter fun, do not have to worry about the fat exposed, but the winter tight clothing or make their own bloated body revealed. Winter, the fastest way to lose weight is not such as summer or spring as winter temperatures reduce metabolism slows down, so you want to successfully lose weight also needed a way to properly. According to the People's Daily reported that, in order to prevent winter accumulation of fat, or even lose fat, you can try the method described below.
Winter diet of common sense: moderate exercise
It comes to weight loss, a lot of people doing exercise. Not suitable for intense exercise to lose weight in the winter. Lose weight easily because of the intense movement and prostration or catching a cold winter, so choose a moderate exercise is suitable for. Such as walking, jogging, cycling. Although these sports are relatively mild, but to ensure that adequate exercise time. No matter what kind of movement we must ensure that the movement of one hour.
Winter diet of common sense: do exercises to lose weight at any time
Many people bother to move due to low winter temperatures, so that the fat will pile up Oh. Therefore multi-fragmented very good time to move a bit on the weight-loss. Practice leg up at any time, can help to reduce thigh fat.
Winter diet of common sense: enjoy entertainment
Winter cold weather, but do not always hiding in the home, oh. Such fat accumulation will be more and more serious. Try to make their activities, such as participating in gatherings or entertainment programs, singing, dancing, barbecue, etc.. These activities can increase the amount of physical activity, accelerated the consumption of fat, fat can prevent further accumulation.
Winter weight loss, weight loss, weight loss winter common sense

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