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2012年12月4日 星期二

Fasting morning exercise to lose weight - weight loss better

Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most rapid weight loss University of Glasgow, UK scientists found that the effect of exercise, weight loss exercise before breakfast than eating breakfast better. Not only can consume more body fat, but also helps to greatly reduce blood lipid levels. The person in charge of the new study, Dr. Jason Gill invited 10 male participants who receive three tests: the first time without any movement, the second one hour before breakfast brisk walking, brisk walking one hour after the third breakfast. Found that exercise than non-exercise to lose weight, and fasting sports than the postprandial sports consume 33% fat, and blood lipid levels greater reduction. A day before breakfast fasting brisk walking exercise, adhere to about 10 days, body weight can reduce pounds (0.45 kg). Way to lose weight, to lose weight, the most rapid weight loss -->

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