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2012年12月4日 星期二

Horror movies lose weight


Horror movies lose weight
University of Westminster, scientists tested ten volunteers watch movies, and based on their heart rate, breathing to determine how much energy is used when watching movies. The scientists found that volunteers involved in testing the concept of horror movies, consumed within 90 minutes 113 calories, the equivalent of the calories consumed by walking half an hour, you can offset the heat generated to eat a piece of chocolate bars.

First of all, normal is difficult to adhere to the daily horror movies this way to lose weight is difficult to achieve; Second, even if we can adhere to the daily horror movies, a long time, the body will produce the picture of the scene of the terrorist "tolerance" , or like people with lower Wanglin Li as mental endurance was frightened sick, let alone to lose weight.
"To vary horror movies, horror movies can be played for people with strong mental endurance, release psychological pressure, speeding up the body metabolism, burning fat role. But some horror movies but suffering cardiac stress will increase, and may even lead to myocardial infarction, heart disease and other problems. "Director Zhu said, the release of some foreign horror films, viewers spot the event of a heart attack had occurred. All in all, the scientific way to lose weight is not the expense of sacrificing health, lose weight or should start from the reasonable exercise and healthy eating.
Horror movies lose weight

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