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2012年12月5日 星期三

Lovelorn lose weight

Lose weight, weight loss methods, lovelorn lose weightThis man, 31 years old, looks very type, but six months ago, his weight up to 110 kg, and later because of the romance, he decided to lose weight, relying more exercise control with diet, less successful under 35 kg, also own more self-confidence.
The 31-year-old sportsman efforts sculpture figure, you can imagine? Six months ago he even 110 kg of body weight. Lovelorn coupled with the wish to transform into a sportsman, six months his spare no movement, coupled with diet control, successfully dumped 35 kilograms of meat back to the standard weight.
Although the temperature is only 18 degrees, the Mr. Ouyang is still business as usual without a shirt in the gym. Although the body type is not fit, but can you imagine? Photo face round to not six months ago, do not know see hate, 179 cm tall Ouyang Jie, six months ago, weighing up to 110 kilograms, to see he was wearing shorts, body type obviously several sizes smaller.
He said that time often feel tired as well as high blood pressure, and even the girlfriend ran. Ouyang Jie high blood pressure is too heavy, sweat stink, in order to restore their confidence, he began to develop the habit of exercise to get rid of body weight through the treadmill fitness and bicycle, plus attention to diet, less fat, salt and moms to help him prepare vegetable soup, six months weight dropped from 110 kg to 75 kg.
Not only the physical condition gradually recovered well, and also feel confident of their own, hoping to quickly make his girlfriend, and after the success of the rejection of meat, he also encouraged action around good friends, we all move together physical and mental health.
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