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2013年4月30日 星期二

The world's most simple back stretch weight loss


Back stretch to lose weight, stretch out to lose weight, lose weight, the most simple to lose weight in the world 

Fat, 90% are "bad" back muscle strength! 
Research and development of weight-loss doctors "back stretch exercise to lose weight", burn fat effectively, 
Do not sweat, can not help but eat, still thin 10 kg. 

◆ more than 2,000 people witnessed the weight-loss miracle! ─ ─ ─ 

Once tried bananas, hungry to lose weight? Suffering, but still fat again? You want to put on the dress of the United States and the United States, devil-loss program to cause a variety of illnesses, leading to decreased immunity ...... In order to lose weight, every meal calories preoccupied only know to eat less, but forgot to "burn fat" is the real thin it? 

In fact, do not have to work so hard to lose weight can be a pleasant and relaxing, weight loss doctors in Japan Sato, MD, weight loss guidance based on past experience, scientific data over the years, exclusively developed fully in line with scientific and rational "back stretch" of the diet, so you do not have to ban food, do not have intense exercise, do not have to spend any money to be able to weight-loss success, time is short and that everyone can do, has helped more than 2,000 people in Japan successful weight-loss! Daily breakfast, lunch and one minute later, you can lean 10 kg. 

The ◆ world's most simple movement --- "back stretch exercise to lose weight", action can be sustained! ─ ─ ─ 

If you have tried a variety of weight-loss method, the stomach is like a spare tire; If you are the "metabolic syndrome," a family, you need to be "simple, durable, convenient" weight-loss method, rather than complex and difficult to learn weight-loss campaign. "Back stretch exercise to lose weight" is a simple action anyone would do! 

◆ "stretch back", why can lean? ─ ─ ─ 

Fat, will get sick, 90% are caused by autonomic nervous system disorders. Back muscle deterioration, "basal metabolism" will be reduced, resulting in less burning of body fat, the body will be more and more fat. 

Therefore, as long as the back of the regular activities of the "erector spinae" exercise more muscle burns calories, which can secrete a large number of decomposition of body fat "growth hormone". Once the stretch erector spinae "brown fat cells can stimulate, promote fat burning, play a slimming effect. Not only the spine becomes straight, the body will restore vitality and health. 

Stretching the back is equivalent to stretching the spine, spine several autonomic ganglion distribution, "back stretch to speak" It is a feeling of pressure relieve neck and back, prompting the autonomic nervous system "to restore normal" movement. 

◆ just have to learn five strokes simple motion! Start weight-loss switch ─ ─ ─ 

Weight loss pain? Not at all! You can lose weight to become the most enjoyable thing. BLD as long as 1 minute, suppress appetite, easily thrown waist fat, reduced fat! Five strokes! Start weight-loss switch, healthy young forever! 

Get up the back stretch operation 
2 palm relative back stretch parade 
3 fingers cross buckle back stretch operation 
Sitting back stretch operation 
5. Abdominal Xiongshihuxi of 
Back stretch to lose weight, stretch out to lose weight, lose weight, the most simple to lose weight in the world 

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