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2013年5月4日 星期六

Red wine to lose weight


Red wine , lose weight ,Red wine  lose weight 
because of the tannins in red wine can inhibit the growth of bacteria, aid digestion, contains vitamin C, E and carotenoids, antioxidants, prevents aging. Metabolism night drinking red wine before bed can make faster, accelerate fat intake.

The use of red wine to lose weight, you may opt-out components from a mixture of sugar and other dry red, so that heat is relatively low, a small number of drinks not only improving blood circulation without increasing heat. Sure to undergo a lot of red wine blend, so be careful at the time of purchase.

Activity is very high grass fine wine, is also a powerful antioxidant, is also rich in polyphenols, grape, capacity Anti-Aging Red vitamin E is 50 times, so moderate consumption of red wine is good for weight loss and pure beauty. Nutrient-rich body is maintained at a young healthy metabolic rate, so that the body does not easily aliasing.

Red wine , lose weight ,Red wine  lose weight  -->

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