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2013年5月2日 星期四

Coconut lose weight

Coconut dietCoconut lose weight, diet, weight loss 1 coconut oil diet, is by nutritionist Carrie (cherie calbom) first the title is so eye-catching, so that side of the city to attract the attention of the majority of dieters.2 fat contained in coconut oil are beneficial to human health fat. And is particularly effective for weight loss.Because it contains fatty acids are medium-chain triglyceride ester, referred to MCT, can promote human metabolism, and fat into energy.3 coconut oil contains 100% fat, 92% saturated fatty acids. The general idea of ​​asking people to do? Reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids? Saturated fatty acid content? Into cholesterol in the liver transit.4 in Pukapuka and Rostock island people, their physical health is associated with a variety of factors. Their body than Europeans to thin, may just be because they do not eat fast food, relative to the motion a little more, eat more fruits and vegetables.Coconut lose weight, diet, weight loss -->

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    This means that you literally burn fat by consuming Coconut Fats (including coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil).

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