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2012年11月25日 星期日

2 Breakfast to lose weight


Lose weight, breakfast, way to lose weight
Five strokes teach you to eat more lean
Made whole wheat bread is not removed the bran and wheat germ, whole wheat flour, rich in cellulose, which can help wipe out the garbage in the human gut, so conducive to weight loss. Multigrain bread, made ​​with a variety of grains ingredients such as oat bread, rye bread, soy flour, bread, etc., also contain dietary fiber, vitamin B and minerals, and promote digestion, boost your metabolism role.

Breakfast so eat the bread delicious eat more lean
Here to remind that the bread is usually rye, wheat and other crops as the basic raw material production processing from. Under normal circumstances, most of the bread are also available as a daily staple food, but bread is also a high-calorie carbohydrate foods, eat more likely to be obese, therefore, conducive to weight loss bread to pick and choose the smart way to eat in order to let the bread meet your delicious food, but also become a hero to promote weight loss. Without selecting some bread with cheese, cream, butter processing, because they have high saturated fat, and is not suitable for people to lose weight eat.
Lose weight, breakfast, way to lose weight

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