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2012年11月27日 星期二

Embedding weight loss principle


Weight loss principles, weight loss, embedding weight loss
In order to lose weight, buried 1500 pin really so many physicians feel incredible, professional, MD, a 12-pin is the upper limit, and the line is not casually buried for acupuncture points to start embedding weight loss principle is so invasive wire to cause mild inflammation promote human metabolism, active blood, help lose weight, but is not suitable for everyone.

Xiangshou which buried where, little one cm catgut, is the choice of a lot of thin people, go-between in the body, which catgut buried into the body that can stimulate acupuncture points, suppress appetite, the line through dermal layer buried between subcutaneous fat.
The catgut embedding the market price of a 100-150 yuan the catgut is about one to three weeks will be absorbed by the body, but once at the most 12-pin, is up at the same time, there are 12 lines, embedding too frequent or excessive, may allow the body The lumps appear even bleeding.

Promote metabolism, to achieve the effect of weight loss on top of the the meridians "stomach by" special acupuncture points to stimulate the brain to secrete gastrin, suppress hunger, there are colored lysine, control the unstable emotions when weight loss abdominal air sea point, Guanyuan outside the acupoint and large cavern, physicians are often burying acupuncture points, in addition, such will hurt organs such as dovetail hole shallow points, it should untouchable.

Heart disease, diabetes, catgut embedding material and people allergic to alcohol, are not suitable, embedding weight-loss results vary, but, after all, is to invade the body, or pay more to assess and compare insurance.

Weight loss principles, weight loss, embedding weight loss

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