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2011年7月17日 星期日

7 effective tips weight loss - Not diet

7 effective tips weight loss  - Not diet 
Heart of beauty in everyone, but it comes to body weight, and a lot of people frowned said: "The really difficult to lose weight very painful ah! Is diet, exercise is the devil, too painful her." In fact, there is no So the pain you, you see that simple. 

Weight loss -) 1 small bite nuts

Each ounce contains one hundred and seventy Caroline and fourteen grams of fat in nuts, may sound like a diet killer. However, according to a study, full of nutritious nuts than low-fat cheese and crackers eat more snacks, 15g nuts should be sufficient to address hunger and prevent binge eating dinner at the impulses.

Weight loss -) 2, "hot" the metabolism

Pepper contains capsaicin, is said to promote the metabolism to help burn calories and lose weight. A British study found that when eating a teaspoon of chili sauce or spicy mustard person, the average daily consumption forty-five extra calories. Researchers estimate that spicy foods can increase body temperature, thus speeding up the metabolism. Want to burn more calories, quickly sprinkle a few grains of pepper bar!

Weight loss -) 3, Apple suppress appetite

Apple pectin is rich in pectin, a soluble fiber to suppress appetite. Nutrition experts believe that pectin can slow down the digestive process, so that full feeling last longer.

Weight loss -) 4, a sniff before eating

Deep breath mint, lemon or lavender and other strong odor of something to help suppress appetite. Psychological experts say, the smell and taste and personal satisfaction are closely related, so you need to pay attention to what concerns the smell and taste to meet you, and then to study how to get to meet, but do not need a lot of calories intake.

Weight loss -) 5, chewing sugarless gum

According to a new study found that chewing sugarless gum can increase metabolic rate up to 20 percent, than those who did not chew gum chewing additional eleven people consume more calories per hour. Even more interesting is that if a person per day within one year continuously kept chewing gum, may lose ten pounds of fat.

Weight loss -) 6, frequent meals

Frequent meals or snacks every three to four hours before eating, will help prevent the body sugar is too low. In addition, there are data show that the average normal component of calories in one day more time to learn, can the food calories into fat percentage to a minimum, so as to maintain thin build. Medical studies have found that eating the whole day athletes, their body fat than those who eat dinner a lot less players. In this regard, the doctor explained that the body can handle one-off limited quantity of food, so eating a lot of one-off, then it will not consume extra calories into fat.

Weight loss -) 7, eat more fiber
Shell material class, wheat bread, broccoli flowers, fruits and legumes and other high-fiber foods are in effect two: First, fill its belly, the other is to assist the food in the intestines peristalsis, draw the body part to avoid the calories. So, you have to eat thirteen to thirty-five grams per day, this will be minus about 90 calories, the equivalent of six months, minus five pounds of fat.