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2011年7月20日 星期三

Eat, is beginning to lose weight

Eat, is beginning to lose weight
You can also install a "food scanner" in the body I was able to eat normally, but no longer worried about fat, because I installed the head of a food scanner, when in front of a food when it will quickly start, which can eat a good scan.
This has been deeply rooted in the brain by the scanner, I have both health and life and health of thin build, and therefore more confident!
"Eat right, eat enough" is the foundation principle
In fact, I like many office workers like the opportunity to eat out very much, I often work in different locations, dance practice, commercials, film MV, tour, etc., but because in his mind as if to memorize and installed a "Food scanner" to eat something, with a tour round the eyes, I can choose the food they can eat and how much to eat well yourself; even eat it, next meal or need to do fine-tuning . Even convenience stores selling beverages, snacks, and can quickly calculate the results.
A friend joked that I was "fairy", can successfully resist the temptation of food to live, everyone knows I only eat starch, drink, and even dessert yo. It's really helpless, I have the impression most people with the fact that there are always gaps, I even holding a cup of bubble tea every day, plus snacks and drinks when Mitaimu, 箇中 reason is that I thoroughly understand the body needs food and how to control weight.
"Eat right, eat enough" is now the principle, and past the "oil-free diet" compared to the difference in I know how to choose foods to eat after their own better. I did not do anything to eat and drink fairy miles, my work we all know, often need to consume a lot of physical strength, as is studying or working people like you, I have to maintain bodily functions, which are all relying on each one go into the stomach to eat the food in to help. If you eat the right food, intake of adequate nutrition, the body will obey, its greatest effectiveness; the contrary, if you do not understand its needs, never good to take care of the supply of its nutrition, it also you will jump up to protest.
Listen to the body to say do not listen to my mind say
Each of us has actually "eat food, make their own change is good" instincts, but we are now in the environment, few people would eat the poor in this matter, in fact, the choice of eating too dazzling, even before only standing before the convenience store snack stand, I will feel a loss, do not know where to choose. So cultivate a correct understanding of food knowledge, it means installed in their minds a "food scanner", then you can easily eat happy, eat healthy, ha ha, I know you are most concerned about is the "thin "Of course, eating healthy, not fat naturally it!
Fast pace of modern life, whether academic or work something great pressure, this time to "eat" becomes the fastest and most convenient method of decompression, as long as I have to lose weight, I feel too depressed and overeating However, feeling as if all of the stomach filled, clogging, would feel a little happy things can be relieved, so most people there feel, I can understand, but those living in the various objective factors below, we were totally oblivious to eat an excessive amount of food hidden under the delicious, oily, heavy salt in cooking, so that we unconsciously re-accustomed to the taste, so do not even eat a lot of body oil copies.
Teach you a simple way of self-examination: If you sleep and always wake up tired, his face taking acne, back pain, who should not heap the meat place (such as the stomach) happens several layers of long , all expel in time, consumers are also consumers can not afford. These symptoms emerged, on behalf of the body in your complaint: "You too eat it! I can not stand it!" If you only could think: "I want to eat a fried chicken off, I will be happy eating ! 'rather than listening to the body, said: "I anger too it! I let your face covered with acne, dry mouth, you do not eat fried stuff it!" I do not speak that the consequences? Do not think you are master of your body, in fact, the body is our master, you have to learn to listen to it, and it can really peaceful coexistence ah.
Have knowledge of the correct weight-loss effect of weight loss
I mentioned earlier that part of the experience of hysteria oil-free diet, health, clearly a large red light, but I still unscrupulousness, did not realize the seriousness until after eating began unconsciously spit it out, it felt faint anorexia disease is too terrible. Said it was really thanks to my record company publicity, he looks at me really bad situation, so half coax half persuaded, took me to a professional nutrition weight loss center in contact with the right knowledge, I did not know he was wrong how outrageous.
Started to go to the nutrition weight loss center, when in use for a variety of instruments they use to measure my height and weight, body fat ratio and other projects feel very uncomfortable, after all, I am not satisfied with their body, how it seems like some people use these very sophisticated equipment to measure my body? But curiosity drove me to want to know this test, the results will be? Measurement after completing their basic knowledge from the concept of nutrients and weight loss began to teach from, and then according to my intended weight loss goal to open my meal, eat every day how much weight to the schedule. For my body, they talk about is not only repeatedly stressed that all figures are actually within the normal range, even some of my body fat rate is low. They taught me in the end is how thin it? Hey! Now let me tell you!
Weight calculation is much simpler than the calorie count
They gave me the weight calculation, nothing like as complicated as the math of calories, but a looking at the food, I know a few "copies" to calculate, according to nutritionists recommend that I try to eat my weight, each days will eat meat, rice, vegetables and even dessert, than I expected, and even body weight did not increase, but really as nutritionists say is too little! I began to nutrition and food, feel more a strength, even emotional stability than before.
I know a lot of crush for the concept of weak numbers, especially should note the number of calories each food, before eating each have made himself very painstaking, and finally found simply remember correctly! (囧) Therefore, "count weight" This method is very suitable for digital crush the concept of nothing Oh!
Record "eat Log" This is a great weight loss helper
With good results, I mean being a great encouragement, so start with a good nutritionist with, according to the provisions of written dietary records of her five days a week after class I was almost four days to report on time to the center. Notice on the outside run, run awareness of the need when eating out, she will call nutritionist taught me how to choose, please. Gradually, my confidence back on food, know that not all of the food problem, but they do not know how to choose and their own lifestyle and balance.
Although I will bring the best (at that time I weighed between 38-45 kg and I am to set ourselves the goal is to re-thin 5 kg), the nutritionists recommend my own standards and then pulled up, occasionally to see figures will not help as expected when frustrated, but are afraid to eat anything that dared to eat food, not from the will to emetic to induce vomiting, security was never a sense of security, I know I taken the right a big step. Even though I was later moved farther than the work is busier than ever, the time and can not leave that room with the weight management center, but a set of ideas and knowledge about nutrition, I still was firmly remember, life is very good enough.
Remember Oh! Write this "eat Log" must be honest, do not want to pretend this is not always lean down. Must be honest about his stomach eating something every day, then 11 or over to view it over the oil and the like, do not write here a little, write a little less there, so make your weight loss program Big break the Oh!
I have for many years, "Yang thin Private Notes"
Next, Jolin here for everyone to start advanced courses on weight loss myself, remember that you must do, as long as a little patience and know how to do what will be more willing to work on.
In fact, the market we see, hear weight loss methods, all around the "burn calories", "lower absorption," two principles to achieve results. To increase consumption, first think of is "exercise" myself, want to lose weight many people will be encouraged to do more exercise, running, treadmill, gym and so on. If you do not love sports, may shift to "passive" approach to action, such as massage or push your people fat.
As has been used to "reduce the absorption of" weight loss method, it more. Like to eat plenty of fiber, laxatives (such as weight loss tea), etc., to promote bowel movement, reduce absorption, weight-loss drug Xenical, is to some fat excreted, not absorbed. But then, weight loss is not just addition and subtraction arithmetic Oh, whether it is consumed or absorbed, the body have to rely on good cooperation.
When your entire body every organ, tissue, or even every single cell in the most productive, most healthy state, they will play a real strength in the hard work, to help you consume the most calories.
See here, perhaps you have found weight loss of focus on eating right, eating enough nutritious food, physical activity can provide the necessary nutritional and metabolic organization of energy. The following is my practice for many years, to help you record the "thin support" privacy of notes, but also help you focus on finishing well, please note you have also picked up along obediently write down Come on! (This time you believe me how well-intentioned, right)
First, the good news, even if the sleep light will burn calories yo!
Second, the consumption of heat pipes
I want to burn calories at night and, because of consumption of calories will lose weight, just like Sisi, like cold medicine ad, burns calories pipeline, there are three types: "basal metabolism", "physical activity" and the "heat effect of feeding . " One of the most powerful is the "basal metabolism" can consume most of its energy, about 70% Wow! When I heard this knowledge when super surprised, I had to waste so much effort in the insignificant place, really excited to be the extent of tears, because the fact is that our body metabolic basis of their operation, for example: breathing, heartbeat, visceral activities, which the body needs to be done by your basic calorie burning, muscle tissue and by the internal organs (eg liver, kidney, heart, stomach, etc.) are responsible. Even if you sleep late all day, lying motionless, in fact, your body is still kept at work, burning energy to sustain your life.
Basal metabolism with age, gender and other factors vary and change, in general, men's basal metabolic rate than females (Zhenbugongping, anger); of course, the basic metabolism of young people than older people better. Looks very professional, "physical activity" the term, refers to the activities of daily living (such as walking, climbing stairs, housework) and exercise (such as running or swimming). And "basal metabolism" compared to "physical activity" consumes about 20 percent of our calories. If you are a long time in housework or walking, calories burned per minute seem like much, but because of long duration, accumulated even more than running, swimming, the gym even more. Like riding a bicycle, you can consume calories per hour about your weight (in kilograms) × 3 the number of calories obtained, so the 50 kg person, one hour bike ride, can consume 150 calories. Looks like a little results, but in fact, as long as you eat a bowl of rice (about 250 kcal) is equivalent to the white riding!
Unless you work like me, have the opportunity to continue the intensive use of a large number of physical (eg, dance practice before the concert Gifted), accumulated only consume much more. Otherwise, in fact movement of the "weight loss" benefit is not as one might imagine.
We can consume 10% of the heat of the "feeding heat effect" refers to the food we eat, in the process of digestion and absorption of calories consumed. If we eat the rough food, that is, without a lot of cooking or processing procedures, closer to the "original" foods (such as brown rice), because of their large molecules the body needs to use more effort to absorb it, thus more calories. If you always eat refined foods, such as cakes, snacks, dessert, because their molecules are small, the body do not spend too much effort, you can easily convert them into heat, the heat used up, it will turn into fat, bits and pieces stored Hello!
Third, eat food to lose weight! Too simple now!
Since basal metabolism will consume 70 percent of which is the largest part of the heat, if the efficiency of the higher basal metabolism can be said that your body is in good condition, will burn more calories, more complete. Just do not eat too much food, you can maintain weight without getting fat. I have many friends to lose weight, lose weight, when the beginning is always full of confidence, I met said: "I lost three kilograms Le!" But had met not long before they become a frowning
Q: "I obviously would eat a lot, start weight did drop a bit, but why was soon back to the original figure, even more important? By the more severe the more the feeling, so I am really frustrated!" This species by "eating" weight loss and failure, are a drop in metabolic rate. In fact, the body will be "vengeful", and yet delicate and sensitive; it naturally had to use up the calories into fat storage capacity, when it began to realize that you eat fewer, you obviously lower than appetite and hunger before it, it will think you are faced with the food shortage situation will start defense mechanisms to the metabolic rate down, let you save up the fat previously claimed. This time you meet a large weight loss is equal to the bottleneck, the effect will not start as smoothly Xianggang.
Happens to most people (including the old me is), this time will choose to intensify their efforts to eat less, but the body will select the defense stronger, decreased metabolic rate will go down; your absorption becomes Well, the same as shooting the ball, the more force you hungry it, the greater it will rebound; hungry for too long the body as long as the feed into something, it also will heat quickly converted into fat and stored securely.
There are many like me, is to use super willpower in supporting weight loss, but if there is no increase or decrease metabolic rate, weight loss, fat chance of stagnation or even complex will be enormous. This "hard ㄍ ㄧ ㄥ" The result: lost some fat back, weight back and forth to form a tug of war, there is no breakthrough in sight. If we add the same care as in the past, I figure on the weight scale, and three meals a day according to the amount, followed by digital perturbed feelings, ups and downs, the pressure was closely tied unconsciously, sooner or later have to face the danger of collapse . Eating adequate nutrition, with a healthy lifestyle, it tells your body: "You are now in peak condition, come up with the best efficiency, good work and burn it!"
So, the food we eat enough nutrition, enough healthy? How to choose the best foods for your body do?
["Foreigners" of the three questions]
Q1: hungry but no space to eat, how to do?
I work very full itinerary, very compact, and often take a long time, much effort can be done, not the normal three meals a day is very common. If you are a white-collar workers, perhaps, like me, often encounter things that a busy, do not miss the meal situation carefully.
You can prepare some of the salty soda crackers in the bag, feeling hungry, eat a few, would be better if you drink with milk. Soda crackers in the alkaline and acid can, milk can also protect the stomach, or has been in intense pressure, stomach acid eroding will be thinning, caused stomach pain. If has not been eating, leading to hunger too, in addition to low blood sugar can cause dizziness situation, when you finally free to eat, the body's absorption of food has greatly improved.
A packet of soda crackers count as a staple food (note the ingredients on the package label, choose less oil, as long as you control the number of copies the day the total food is good, not too late, when to eat, a packet of cookies does not make you beyond redemption of.
Q2: This is also fat, that fat, fat is not the same site!
Oh wonderful, from a fat body parts, can be broadly speculated that he was from the beginning when the fat, and even guess what type of work he was engaged.
In our different growth stages, because the body will be hormonal and lifestyle changes arising from the impact. For example, a very well-proportioned body fat, usually from the very childhood, beginning at birth and even fat, because when he was still in the womb of time, have absorbed many of the nutrients (mainly fat), after the birth of And because home care is often fed him something to eat, appetite, raised the stature will grow too chubby. So her mother during pregnancy, we should pay attention to nutritional intake, increase your baby's muscle cells, not fat, have little control yourself after the birth of the expression of motherly love with the food, which allows the baby strong and healthy instead of puffiness.
Year-old is another gain weight around the stage, until the primary school are usually fat body after puberty girls are easy fat ass, chest, boys will depend on the amount of exercise, if you eat a lot, and moving much, the limbs would very stout; but if only to eat a lot of the swelling belly will be round that up. Adult, fat girls on the site of work and lifestyle most depend on to decide. Will take office fat ass, thighs, if needed for a long time engaged in the work station, the legs will become very well developed. Pregnant women, mainly hip and chest and back fat, and post "Hubeixiongyao" is very common. Until middle age, fat is up on the main trunk of the (this is the most dangerous of the three high into the stage!).
Boys after puberty, in the army, to study phase because the activities of a large amount of fat is small. But one retired after entering the labor market, become more entertaining, with no movement, it will eleven become "widely predecessors', the waist circumference and age of digital will be a positive correlation, into Old Man. If you want to avoid the middle of the road situation happen to them, after a 25-year-old, will begin to maintain muscle mass does not decay, such as the gym doing weight training and so on. Furthermore the concept is a set of proper diet, adequate intake of balanced nutrition, natural look than the students and your peers, colleagues, better physique, and better color Hello!