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2011年7月18日 星期一

Jolin share lose weight tips

Jolin share lose weight tips
Diva Jolin Tsai (Jolin) when boys killer debut title, but the baby fat face, she has always made her very upset, like to eat meal, over the water weight loss, weight loss diet tea terror, all tried, 7 launch weight loss book, almost suffering from anorexia, she admitted, even once menopause, hair loss, stomach problems too, do not learn to call her!

Jolin said before most people want to piece of paper, put his guinea pigs in general, all kinds of hell trying to lose weight, once lost to 37 kilograms, but there comes more and more physical condition, spent 3,4 years him recover. Until a year and a half ago, follow the recommendations of nutritionists, food to eat on the way, as long as the pick of the food, do not let yourself go hungry.

Has been in the music and dancing on the stage of large Xiushen Cai Jolin Tsai, and now a new book to share weight loss experiences. Jolin Tsai said, we do not want to lose weight, the more the wrong way by the results of the more fat, so she will be from the entertainment world the wrong way to lose weight since his debut a successful weight-loss experience and now share a book. But Valentine's Day is coming, and asked if we going to eat the loss meal Jinrong, Jolin Tsai said no matter what the meal, understand the basic method, it is not a problem.

Diva Jolin Tsai's legs wearing revealing mini skirt, but she did not want to sing today, pass on, but to share her success as a writer thin beautiful and healthy experience everyone. Weight loss but also have to eat with Jinrong food lover, she showed off her spot on the elimination of edema magic. Finish rolling breath of Poria lotus bean soup, no wonder Jolin afraid afraid of fat edema, or you can water Dangdang.
European debt issues continue to simmer, followed by the Greeks, the credit rating agency has also been named in Italy. And second-tier country euro zone bond yields climbing, lead investor for the sovereign debt crisis will spread to Italy and other core economies panic, driven turbulent market, a lot of money into safe-haven assets. If delays in the European finance ministers agreed to a favorable price movements.
12 release of "Gold Yearbook 2011", although the consultancy GFMS forecasts gold mining services company in the short term gold price will fall, but the institutional and private investors, investment enthusiasm for gold remains high, especially in China investment and official strong growth in net purchases. In the debt crisis and supported by strong demand, making the second half of GFMS gold's bullish trend is expected to break through the $ 1,600 barrier.
From the technical analysis, an unusually strong upward trend on map, but not even close to bring out the red bar under the lead of 9, suggesting that recent or digested anti-inflation hedge and good news, although the MACD is still bullish, but random indicators fall tendency, and the more deviation from the 5 day moving average chart position, there will not rule out short-term profit-taking selling pressure, the resistance above the $ 1,600 mark concerned. In view of the increased volatility in the short-term financial system, the proposed bargain-hunting investors cloth more sustainable and strict risk management.

Market Review: gold again last week by the International Department of surfaces affect the consumer, rose $ 54.
Reach the $ 1,594 maximum, minimum $ 1,540, closing $ 1593.
1. EU Bank Authority on Friday announced the latest bank stress test results, showed that eight banks are not qualified, even though the test results over the previous year a more, but the capital shortfall of 25 billion euros, lower than last year. However, due to debt problems in Europe caused by the macro uncertainty, the strong performance of gold. European debt crisis is far from resolved, with the August 2 deadline approaching, the U.S. debt problem has become the focus of the market. Rating agency Standard & Poor's (Standard &;;; Poor's) said on Friday that the U.S. "AAA" long-term sovereign credit rating and "A-1 +" short-term sovereign credit rating placed on negative watch. The agency said that at least 50% chance to cut the United States within three months of ratings. Previously, Moody's analysts also said that once the U.S. government not been able to pay the debt, the rating will be lowered the next day, the U.S. has been downgraded, it may not return to a period of time AAA rating 2 survey by Nielsen a survey the company report on Sunday also showed that due to the uncertain economic outlook, the euro zone debt crisis deepened and increased inflation makes people more cautious, the global consumer confidence index fell in the second quarter, year and a half minimum.