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2011年7月17日 星期日

Sisy Chen weight loss secrets of success

  Sisy Chen successful rejection of meat, 20 kg from 73 kg to 53 kg, lean body and the welfare state compared to the sentence before they fall. Energy soup to eat her breakfast, free at noon to eat at night to eat fruits and vegetables diet menu also attracted widespread attention, many professional weight-loss physician said in an interview today, this weight loss method menus and good, but mostly fruits and vegetables, people still pay attention to protein and the balance of other nutrients such as fat intake.
Sisy Chen weight loss secrets of success, first, to understand your fat the reason? Second, do not do their own way. Breakfast menu is dominated by liquid food, drink mix soup, bean sprouts, and fruits and vegetables of energy, zero-fat latte; lunch is free to eat, but eat less starch, and never eat sweets; dinner eat bamboo shoots, guava, tomatoes and dragon fruit, or a single can eat with each other. For "Man Sin diet" professional weight loss doctors how to say? Republic of Obesity executive director Xiaodui Ren, MD, Sisy Chen's two secret ─ obesity causes and find ways to pursue the long term, it is worth to follow weight loss, "Many people choose to lose weight can not be sustained, is a big failure the main reason. "
Second, do not eat sweets, morning and evening menu with fruits and vegetables mainly vegetarian, low in calories and can be considered healthy, the only variable is the lunch, in addition to eating less starch than free food. Xiao Dunren suggested, based on the need for nutritional balance, sooner or later and more fruits and vegetables, lunch will absorb enough of the other source of nutrition, such as fish, meat, eggs and other protein and fat, "three meals a day eat fruits and vegetables, will go wrong."
He reminded, protein deficiency will be hair, fats not disrupt hormones, weight loss or to pay attention to nutritional balance. In addition, we must keep moving to maintain basic metabolism, "half of the test can maintain weight loss, exercise aid is important."
Known to lose weight, said Dr. Liu Boen, Sisy Chen implementation of short-term weight loss menu no problem, but to pay attention to the adequacy of protein absorption, and whether they could persevere, but also easy to be violent or fat.
He said, low in calories and will eat less and thin, often reducing the calories you can lean 7700 kilograms, in other words, one day reduce the absorption of one thousand calories a week you can lean to one kilogram. "But every day can not absorb heat as low as 6,7 one hundred calories, otherwise it will result in ketoacidosis, but the body ruined."
In addition, Liu Boen also believes that each person is different because of obesity, "The weight loss of pure body fat in obese too effective, but if it is the liver, cancer, endocrine disorders of morbid obesity, does not apply." He suggested that each obese individuals to understand their own factors, and then prescribe the right medicine, do not rush to follow the celebrities. He provided the major weight loss secret is, "thermal control, exercise, and avoid staying up late, overeating and other bad habits."