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2011年7月23日 星期六

"Slimming oil"

"Slimming oil"

Excessive intake of fat in the diet is an important cause of obesity can not lack of cooking oil to cook and attend a lecture, then, this headache of Koreans invented a "slimming oil."
Allegedly, the first sugar company by the Korean launch of this new concept of cooking oil, cooking oil and has a very different tradition: the latter contains more triglycerides are easily absorbed by the human small intestine, then the form of fat into the blood; The "slimming oil" is contained in diacylglycerol, it will not be absorbed and converted to fat, but with food residues are excreted. About this "weight loss oil" effect, according to clinical trials conducted in Japan showed that if obese people eat three consecutive months, it will lose 2 kilograms in weight. Although the "weight oil" 3.8 times more expensive than ordinary cooking oil around, but it has caused a fast food such as instant noodles and cooking oil manufacturers use more attention. Was predicted, perhaps soon, in South Korea will be "instant weight loss" "lose weight fast" and many use the "slimming oil" production of food