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2011年7月17日 星期日

The best way to lose weight

What is the best way to lose weight? We must be very confused. "Western medicine" to lose weight fast, but there are many side effects; weight cut down a few months back and fat again. If you replace the "medicine" to lose weight is not more security? Where the three-drug, taking medicine to lose weight is toxic, then how to lose weight?
The key to weight loss can improve the "basal metabolic rate" that is Chinese about the "strength"; only refining "qigong" in order to fundamentally solve this problem, but it does not take medicine, do not need to spend money, is really the best way to lose weight .
Modern humans of eating more, moving less, obesity problem is very serious. Obesity can cause many "complications", such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., which cause significant health problems modern. Obesity and a number of factors, including genetics, lifestyle, psychological stress, disease, drugs and so on.
A key factor in obesity, "basal metabolic rate"
We know that obesity, there are two reasons, first, to eat too much, second, move too little. Why young people do not easily fat, middle-aged man had a naturally fat, it was said: "water will be fat," in the end this is why? The key factor is the old "basal metabolic rate" reduction, which is the Chinese phrase "lack of vitality." Why Chinese medicine, Western medicine to lose weight, and later will re-count? This is because Chinese medicine, Western medicine is simply no way to increase our basal metabolic rate, so the weight must be special for the "basal metabolic rate" (the Chinese say the "strength") as the key factor to treat.
"Western" diet has been faced with the dilemma of no drugs available
January 2010 belongs to the European Union "European Medicines Agency" (European Medicines Agency) withdrawal diet pills promise Ting license for the United States, because the study found, Snow Mei Ting (containing sibutramine ingredients) to increase heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular vascular disease risk; nine months after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also promise an order prohibiting the use of US-Ting, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan are also up.
Snow makes the western United States to disable Ting weight loss drug available without facing the dilemma; Historically, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been disabled many well-known weight-loss drugs, Fen-phen caused heart valve disease, because it will banned, PPA , ephedrine was banned because it can cause cerebral hemorrhage; modern Western diet and went back to square one - the most basic way to lose weight: eat less, exercise more.
Where the three-drug, "Chinese" is also toxic
We think that weight loss medicine side effects, no side-effects of traditional Chinese medicine more; In actual fact, Chinese medicine is also toxic, with particular attention to the following four questions:
(1) Many Chinese pesticide and heavy metal pollution.
(2) Many Chinese medicines have toxic, the most famous example is the traditional Chinese medicine containing aristolochic acid (Aristolochia, Guan Mu Tong, angel vine, green wood, Fangchi) had severe renal toxicity, can cause kidney failure, dialysis patients must be lifelong.
(3) improper use of Chinese medicine will cause the opposite effect: weight loss medicine to diagnosis and treatment, is to use the line "syndromes" in traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the physical However, if the use of dialectical error or wrong medicine, but have the opposite effect, side effects; for example, ginseng is well recognized, Chinese medicine is very noble, but ginseng if you use the hot body, but is poison, so use the medicine must be very careful.
(4) is now also used by some medicine containing ephedrine or ephedra prescription to lose weight, because the Western use of ephedrine works well; but if Chinese Use of ephedra (Qufeng relieving medicine) to lose weight is not right, because the use of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine, ephedrine ephedra (ephedrine) Like, have debilitating side effects. (Note: Chinese ephedra ephedrine by the isolated, ephedrine drug, "amphetamine" Similar chemical structure. )
"Healthy" diet of the most important
Weight loss goals for their health, to prevent the complications of obesity (cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.); but because of injury to the body weight loss, it is really "worth"; we need to know, physical Once victimized, it is very difficult to restore.
Before the popular weight-loss medicine (such as Fen-phen, PPA, ephedrine, Novo Mei Ting), weight loss certainly very fast, but there are serious side effects, has now been disabled. You may turn to Chinese medicine to lose weight, but be aware that Chinese medicine is also toxic, there are many issues on the use of: pesticides and heavy metal pollution, liver and kidney toxicity, the use of inappropriate drugs, the use of ephedra (ephedrine and the role similar to Western) component .

Practice of "qigong" raise "basal metabolic rate", do not take medicine
Ting the United States now use the promise unlawful, even if in the past to lose weight after weight loss over time, or will it go back to fat again. Why lose weight will then re-count? We humans seem to have an automatic mechanism for regulating body weight, as if the clock as a person is likely to be multiple, where there is a standard set to determine the standard is the "basal metabolic rate", also Chinese speak of "vitality", which is the key to weight loss.
"Qigong" diet is the most unique that we can enhance the "vitality" (pubic region of the gas, congenital qi), which is to improve the body's basal metabolic rate, which is another way to lose weight (Western medicine, Chinese medicine) can not do ; commendable, "qigong diet" is not to use medication, do not spend money, you can do to improve the obesity problem, and has long-term efficacy, it is recommended to promote.
Refining, "Falun Gong" is the best way to lose weight
"Falun Gong" is the Story of qigong, is the superior source of ancient Buddhist practice Dafa; 1992, Master Li Hongzhi in China, Hong Chuan began, because there are very good healing and fitness results, a few years there is one billion people in China learn refining, "Falun Gong" is also popular in 114 countries around the world, so in fact, Falun Gong has been described magical effect.
Refining, "Falun Gong" healthy and fit, of course, to achieve weight loss goals; but more important, "Falun Dafa" practice is the life and spiritual development, "Falun Gong" is to modify life (longevity of the Road) part of cardiac repair (repair nature) should pay attention to ethics is to remove all the bad people attachments, to find the good nature of people, Fanbenguizhen, this will be the most beautiful in life, the significance of the most important