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2011年7月23日 星期六

psychological weight loss tip

psychological weight loss tip

How do the psychological weight loss?
    "Pleasure hormone" is the key to successful mental diet, so obese people should try to find out the "eat" other than pleasure, to get rid of food dependence, this way of thinking is the idea to lose weight.
    Learn to mental diet, it is the secret of success will be able to order their own weight-loss success, if we continue to not give up, you can virtually make their body slim down fat.
Mad thin psychological weight log 17 kg
    7:00 AM: time to get up
    Psychological weight Cheats: give yourself some encouragement
    Experience feelings of: Shengelanyao wake up, I usually tell myself, today, have to start a pleasant day, and I want to believe, as long as I continue to religiously adhere to the ambitious plan, and today the past, I have become more lean than yesterday .
: 00AM: buffer
    Cheats psychological weight loss: "a very small amount, very much food" diet recipe
    Experience the feeling: I lie to myself there is an important way to move, that is, three meals into six meals, but eat every meal, "very little"; even into nine meals, eat every meal "super super meager."
    I have seen a reference to academic research reports that eating 4-5 meals a day person, better able to control their appetite, which may not have to wait too long and they think you can eat on.
    However, although smaller meals, but the last meal must be "dinner", and after a night at seven after a strict "do not eat" principle, this move will be effective. This time you can eat a small amount of something, then tell yourself, another two hours and can eat it! You will be very happy!
Cheats psychological weight: diet, when fixed to do the same thing to fill the void at the pressure
    Experience the feeling: the beginning insisted that time, this time of day, I have become very painful, I will prepare their own meal out of fruit and vegetables, when we all start eating, start smelling the aroma of full office , the next table with braised trotters Li smell constantly drifting, suddenly felt the immediate "feast" has become no taste, eat the same as without food, and my heart began to panic, keep a delicious fantasy placed in front of me so I eat a big meal.
    This psychological pressure on me a little restless. Later I found a good way, whenever this time, I on the Internet, learn a few Japanese, back a few English words and found very effective. Whenever you need to eat less later, suffering, I remember quickly to learn a few Japanese, English word or look back a few months entertainment variety show, the desire to eat the transfer, this way, you can not eat skillfully emptiness, into a real "sense of accomplishment," though a sense of accomplishment can not "eat", but the kind of happy, than do not eat enough to barely touch the emptiness! When you are on a diet very painful time, remember, this time must not do the usual things.
 Appetite in the morning on the limited circumstances of this, this a good dinner, to even eat breakfast, eat it immediately lost, never to feel pity, you will succeed one day the. Other night and then repeat the same "move to breakfast the next day," the action can be.