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2012年6月30日 星期六

Magical way to lose weight: a white radish diet

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Lose weight the most difficult to control appetite, but also with the increase in physical activity, the result was tired and hungry feeling was really hard.

Recently, a popular "white radish diet" can not go on a diet also can achieve weight loss. Diet of white radish first popular by Japanese artists, such as Japanese the combinations singer of AKB48 members of the former of Tian Dunzi, Shiratori, Kumiko are both supporters of the diet of white radish, to prove that weight loss can make them in seventy days lose eleven kilograms.

Raw turnip diet ingredients practices
Raw white radish is greater than 300 grams, to prepare a the mill mud

300 grams of raw turnip on a full day of food, if you want to lose more fat, it is necessary to increase the weight of raw turnip.
First of all, radish, peeled and cut into small pieces of white radish control of mill mud ground into mud, to retain the moisture of white radish.

The eating of raw turnip diet and attention at
Ten million of radish can not cook, will need to be eaten raw, but the match off with the heat and simmer for food accompanied by food.
Meal or a meal before the consumption of white radish can not deliberately reduce the weight of eating, can also get the effect of weight loss, this weight loss method is suitable for long-term weight loss with weight loss.

The best time quantitative eating, meal four hours apart for the best.

Raw turnip diet, can help the body to drain away the body of toxins, but can help to digest, so double the weight loss!

 Healthy diet, alternative weight loss methods, Diet Menus