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2012年6月28日 星期四

Two techniques of weight loss methods

Spring is the weight loss days. The beauty is Biezulejin ready to rush to the store a winter fat destroyed before the summer. However, before acting, take a look at the suggestions below to learn some safe, healthy and practical way to lose weight, do not hurt your body.

Lose weight eat to be smart
The correct way to lose weight, to remove excess fat, and supply enough nutrients in the body, in order to achieve the weight loss diminished health goal, shall be under the principle of a balanced diet, try to choose low-calorie, enough nutritious food.

Weight loss diet principles and tips
A. Weight loss can not be too fast. 500-1000 kcal a day less to existing requirements, weight loss to be step by step, will not cause harm to the body.
Two. Maintain a balanced nutrition. Select a wide array of food, not a hunger strike or fast a certain kind of food.
3. Change meal program. Soup, drinking soup before eating the vegetables, the last small mouth, small mouth slowly eat meat and rice.
4. The meal should be quantitative, slowly, should concentrate on eating, do not read a book or TV, to avoid inadvertently overeating.
5 Cooking methods as much as possible with fried, steamed, poached, salad and other cooking methods do not have to refuel, to avoid fried, fried.
6. Fast high-calorie concentrated foods, especially sweet, fried, fried, pastry foods, such as: candy, egg rolls, Chinese and Western, savory and sweet snacks and chicken skin, duck skin, pig skin, skin.
7. Try to eat less fatty extremely nuts such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, pine nuts, walnuts.
8. Mainly three meals daily, evenly distributed, not biased towards any one meal, and try not to eat snacks.
9. Intake of high fiber foods. Vegetables, low in calories and rich in cellulose, so weight loss may eat more vegetables or grains.

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