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2012年6月25日 星期一

Weight loss secret of success is to insist

Weight loss secret of success is to insist
You want to successfully lose weight, whether you are online to find a variety of ways to lose weight? But the U.S. study found that weight loss and whether the key to success lies not in the way to lose weight, or the source of calorie intake, but if you can persevere.

Diet Menus does not affect weight loss

American Journal of Clinical camp Mans magazine published in different diet menu diet, fat, carbohydrates and protein ratio which is different, but no significant difference between weight loss and weight loss results. Each diet menu in the first six months, can make the test, bringing the weight loss of sympathy, but two years later, there are a lot of test weight rebound even halfway halfway already pulled out of the research program .

The main factors that can affect the weight loss results, you can stick every day to lose weight and effort, stick to a healthy diet eating habits, the daily intake of calories at the appropriate level. Perseverance is the only way to lose weight.

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