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2012年6月26日 星期二

Quick weight loss exercise methods

Quick weight loss exercise methods
Many people hope to achieve weight loss in a short time, but the original weight loss is not too rapid, minus too much weight in too short period of time will cause problems in the physical coordination.

If you want to lose weight, through the appropriate exercise to achieve weight-loss effect.
Such as minutes of continuous skipping, you can consume more than one hundred calories, so spend ten minutes jumping rope can be a strong body, and increase the body daily consumption of calories.

If your work is very busy, you can in the working gap, continuous take the stairs because the stairs can burn calories, but also improve the lines of the hips and thighs.

Of course, during the exercise to lose weight, it is necessary according to their physical, if the sense of not feeling well to stop immediately, to live within its means.
Quick weight loss exercise methods