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2012年6月27日 星期三

Summer weight loss methods
Many of my friends to the summer will go on a diet or fasting to lose weight, think that eating less can achieve weight loss results. In fact, this is an error of law to successfully lose weight in the summer, it is necessary to maintain the body's basic metabolic rate.

To maintain the basic metabolic rate is necessary to eat every four to five hours, which can keep blood glucose levels in a stable level. The body will not send a strong message of hunger, so from time to time to eat is the key to successful weight loss. To slowly, not only more healthy stomach can also make it easier for you to feel a sense of fullness, do not eat too much food, so that the intake of too much heat to the formation of the obesity problem.

Second, is to drink plenty of water, the hot summer weather easily lead to dehydration, while burning fat is necessary to have enough water, so drink at least eight glasses of water. Diet, to try to light the summer to eat more vegetables and less meat

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