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2012年6月26日 星期二

Running weight loss exercise

Running weight loss exercise
Running to lose weight is a good exercise to lose weight, for friends who want to reduce weight, which is a direct and effective exercise to lose weight. But in fact incorrect running exercise to lose weight, not only can not help you lose weight, and more can make you gain weight. Therefore, we will need to focus on weight loss to running to, rather than to increase the functional exercise.

Movement will generally running the treadmill to burn calories and calories from this campaign to a constant speed for a certain period of time running sports. But also because of a long period of physical activity will increase the individual's appetite, the result increased appetite, order intake of calories has also increased. In addition, this method of jogging requires a longer exercise time, definitely is not a suitable choice for busy friends.

So, you have to choose the alternative of running weight loss methods, the other with less time, can greatly increase your body metabolism rate running weight loss methods. You only need a short-term movement, together with certain short break, you can greatly enhance the body, new cutting Xie, so sit also lose weight, good wishes.