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2011年7月26日 星期二

Banana recipes can also be used to lose weight

Banana recipes can also be used to lose weight

Celebrity gossip reporter to interview, one of the most favorite question to ask is: "How do you keep fit?" Mysterious figure to good stars will introduce the "secret", so the fans and even non-fans would have follow. Recent heat over Japan, to China's "banana diet" as well. From a successful writer began to lose weight, many stars to join in, even for a time that banana out of stock. So, this looks easy easy diet - just eat bananas every morning on the Whitewater, noon, afternoon you can eat as usual - really that magical effect it? A weight loss method, treatment or health food, to be known as the "effective", there must be a statistical basis. On this basis, should also be able to explain from a biological point of view. The "banana diet" situation be?

First, the proposed method is based on a writer's weight loss diary. He records in detail the process of weight loss recipes, and finally to successful weight loss attributed to uphold every morning bananas. This is only a statistical description of the sample can not be any problems, eating and drinking in the weight loss process Lazard sleep, and weight loss may be related. Singled out as the cause of eating bananas, more like a gimmick to sell books, like the success of Wang Junxia eat turtle due to the same fine. If a person lose weight, he summarized, "weight loss experience" is correct, then we can even "prove" that smoking, drinking helps longevity - if you go to remote rural areas, it is easy to find some of the longevity of the elderly, Their life experience is the "daily pumping pipe down, drink liquor." As for the female star of "theories" even less persuasive - and no one willing to put their own "downsizing" and "Beauty" due to the fans want the lifestyle - the U.S. film "Legally Blonde" where there is this plot: the famous weight loss coach charged with murder, she would rather wronged, they were reluctant to speak out secretly through liposuction, although this evidence is sufficient to prove her innocence.

Statistics are unreliable, or someone from the "scientific" aspects of the "banana diet" to do theoretical explanation. The main reason is bananas contain cellulose, can provide a "satiety", which people do not want to eat snacks in the morning; while banana enzyme (the so-called "enzymes") to burn fat and other food ingredients, which makes the human body from lunch, dinner in the intake of fat can be completely consumed. Still a bit tricky ground before a child, but provides "satiety", the banana fruit is very poor. 100 g banana contains 90 kcal and 2.6 grams of fiber, and apple contains only 50 kcal, but contains 2.4 grams fiber; pear is better, but contains only 50 kcal contains 3.1 grams fiber; there are strawberries, only 30 kilocalories there are 2.3 grams fiber. In the same heat with the premise, most other fruits, such as peach, grapefruit, oranges, etc., contain more cellulose than the banana. Many vegetables and even more effective, such as 100 g tomato contains only 20 kcal while 1 g fiber, broccoli contains 30 kcal and 2.6 grams of fiber, cabbage contains 20 calories and 2.5 grams of fiber kcal. If the banana fiber is the cause of weight loss success, then eat these fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly much more effective. As for the banana in the enzyme can burn lunch, dinner food ingredients, is completely taken for granted. Any conformation of the enzyme is a protein, into the stomach after a long lost activity, how to break down food? If there is such a magical banana enzyme, so scientists have long been a pursuit of the goal.

Whether in academia, industry or the WHO this authority, the understanding of weight loss are based on income and expenditure of calories. Less than the consumption of calories to be able to lose weight. The so-called diet foods, is the premise of people feel full, provide only minimal heat. In this regard, fruits and vegetables do have a comparative advantage. However, the weight loss of hope in banana or a particular food, and can only be wishful thinking.

Currently, the world of people struggling in the subsistence of people lose weight than to worry about a lot, but worry about weight loss are more likely to become the parents of scientific researchers, so the world's research on weight loss will certainly be far more than how to eat research. Many depressed people is that: the face of so much food, insist on eating is a very painful thing; and have to eat to gain weight, gain weight and later even more depressed. So Bo Yang has said that the best revenge is to ask a woman her chocolate and greasy food, so she will gain weight after you'd rather die. Now the Food Research, the most likely to get funding for energy and weight loss is probably something to do with the. The so-called "Helenians money, help people ward off evil", who have consumed a lot of research funding, the people were finally figured out how to eat and how to get fat.

Most people gain weight or lose weight knows that the body's energy budget depends on the situation. Eat more, consume less, they will naturally gain weight. But even aware of this, weight loss is still not an easy task. Think of one day restraint twenty hours, while not as long as the food that will withstand a waste of effort. So, if eating less, or even eat, but still feel full, lose weight was not so painful. So, do not eat, can eat it?

People's behavior is controlled by the brain, feeling full or hungry is also determined by the brain. The body (animal body should also be) in the two types of memory and fed the signal. A class called "satiety signal", when eating certain organs secrete substances; the other is called "fat signal" do not eat dinner will be generated. Two types of signals to the brain, through democratic centralism, weigh discretion, make the final decision whether to continue to eat.

Now find the "satiety signals" There are many substances, the most typical, most widely studied called "cholecystokinin", referred to as CCK, also translated as "cholecystokinin." When we eat, to digest certain food components may stimulate CCK secretion. These will be part of CCK to stimulate pancreatic secretion and cholecystokinin, some will go to stimulate the nerve receptors. Different food ingredients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins other than CCK will have "satiety signal." Summary of these signals to the brain, the brain will eat the body needs and to predict the result of the process. When the signal is strong enough, the brain will make a decision: Hey, buddy, child, almost! Eat to gain weight, ah.

In essence, the feeling is not fed by the food produced, but by the food-induced satiety signals generated. So, if people change the satiety signal, is not you can change the "hunger" or "fullness" feeling it?

Some people really did this experiment: before meals to eat some of the CCK, then record a period of time (eg 30 minutes) in the eat. The result is more CCK eat, eat less, but even to eat a lot of CCK, we would not eat food; the other hand, if the blocking effect of CCK, such as the use of CCK receptor antagonist , will increase people's food intake.

CCK injection did not bring any discomfort to the human body, but can make a person produce satiety and reduce food intake, so that the weight loss less painful. What does this mean?

Selling products? Omnipresent advertising? Leaves like the flying money?

Unfortunately, rubbed his eyes, then look at research, all beauty is a mirage. Researchers get some CCK receptor impaired mice and found that they do eat a little more than normal mice, long-term effect is indeed slowly become more stout. But if artificially removed CCK receptors, mice weight is quite normal!

This pool is the thing looks pretty. The researchers then did you get some of the mice, they are fitted to the peritoneal catheter, each time before eating control CCK (or placebo) levels and to monitor eating habits. Results are interesting, injected before meals to eat every meal CCK mice do less, but they eat every day has increased the number of tons. It appears that although exogenous CCK reduces food intake when eating, but there are other mechanisms in vivo by increasing the number of eating to compensate. So, to lose weight through the intake of CCK is not a good idea. Some girls like to lose weight, eat a few grains, roots few to eat noodles, then back to eat a variety of snacks, the results of the same thing. (End)