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2011年7月26日 星期二

eating nutrition-healthy weight loss

eating nutrition-healthy weight loss

With the development of economic globalization, modern obesity is a common phenomenon, in addition to weight gain, the more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Weight loss process, often using the wrong method of weight loss, including eating only fruit to fill its belly with "meal" instead of the normal three meals a day, etc., is not only easy to regain weight, but also easy to lose a healthy muscle, bone, etc., quite worth it.

Recently, many people are talking about Sisy Chen diet, lost 20 kilograms want to like her, but really effective? In fact, to develop "smart eating, healthy action, the amount of body weight every day," the habit, you can get rid of the shadow of obesity, self-confidence back slim figure, according to the Department of Health announced the new "Daily Food Guide" to adjust meals, avoiding sugary beverages, in addition with the right amount of exercise will be more dynamic.

Recently, the issue of food hygiene continue to occur, the mere mention of whom heard plasticizer, which is one reason why obesity, the public how to properly select the food, you must first have basic concept of food, in order to achieve effective health regimen.

French Foreign Trade Bank (Natixis) analyst Nic Brown said, "The United States will eventually need to reach some form of political solution, there are two options: debt consolidation that monetary or fiscal efforts to achieve financial sustainability, to be implemented in the latter Before, the market will make the former assumption, and this favorable for gold. "
Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets Global Futures Department (RBC Capital Markets Global Futures) on Monday said George Gero, vice president, investors buy gold to hedge. Gero pointed out that "gold is an alternative currency, liquidity, easy to carry, and the volatile political situation will not affect their purchasing power the U.S. debt ceiling negotiations fail, the Middle East continue, the stock market weakness prompted investors to avoid buying a variety of risk assets. "

Divergence of long and short of international gold market, gold price trend of a V-shaped shock. Gold investment strategy network analysts believe that the United States as the market gathered on August 2, the two parties raised the debt ceiling of negotiations, a larger bull market differences. Driven by risk aversion, gold shot up time in Asia and Europe, but near the time the U.S. market, some profit taking leave to suppress the price of gold. But still no breakthrough in negotiations, the U.S. debt ceiling, so that risk aversion is difficult to subside.

In the technical form, the Japanese received a negative k spindle chart shows there are some differences between long and short. But overall, the price of gold remains a good rise. Present mainly in the major news events cautious before running. The focus of the market completely falls on U.S. debt negotiations between the two parties. August 2, the availability of U.S. debt ceiling increase in the next few days, will bear fruit. If the United States to reach a compromise between the two parties to ensure that the U.S. debt ceiling be increased to ease the concerns of the U.S. debt default triggered profit taking as well, so that the price of gold in the technical form, a wave continued to rise relative to the previous unilateral secondary market readjustment. This is consistent with the technical operation rules. However, we have noted, the United States temporarily eased the worries of debt, debt crisis in Europe will again become the focus. So, is unlikely to reverse the medium-term bull market. If the U.S. dares to disregard their national credit and status of a debt default extremes, no doubt, a strong gold price will inevitably move up again. Short term, this week the price of gold in a bilateral risk status. Investors are advised to pay attention to control the risk. Sound investor, you can wait for the situation is clear, then select the direction of the entering transactions. Detail to determine the trend, see the chart