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2011年7月29日 星期五

U.S. government recommended the health of diet MyPlate

U.S. government recommended the health of diet MyPlate
The United States is a magical country. Although the country attached great importance to public health, but also attach great importance to the food industry's views, so a lot of fat, but the state has also been modified dietary recommendations.

Before the United States have used the "nutrition pyramid" to help people understand what they should eat, ah, it is best that we can know what to eat food which in the end how many oil friends.
The U.S. government also know that this method does not have much effect, it has recently changed to a figurative "my plate" (Choose My Plate) dietary guidelines, very, very easy to understand, but I have tested, it is reasonable, "lose weight notebook," the reader must try to see!
"My plate," which is no longer a "ingredients" or "nutrients" concept, but direct that the types of food. Among the dishes are only four things: vegetables, fruits, grains, meat. Also, I think by the United States a strong impact on dairy farming, so the plate outside and home dairy products, this you can own discretion.

We generally divided into two plates. One of the release of vegetables and fruits, grains and proteins another release. Can be seen in the figure, slightly more vegetables than fruits, slightly more protein than cereals.
"My plate," the few principles:

Cereal with half of them come from the "whole grain", the high fiber but also a sense of satiety.
Fruit with real fresh fruits and vegetables mainly.
Variety of vegetables as possible.
To lean protein (low fat meat).
Dairy to pick high calcium.

If you need to lose weight, the ratio is basically in accordance with MyPlate eat, but try to eat less and eat more foods high in satiety, so you can. I believe the composition of this food law soon will be more than Atkins diet, high protein diet, metabolic balance diet is more popular because of the government linked assurance, and this method is really very simple, uncomplicated, and easy to copy .
If you see a visit to the lunch room, usually the weight of the meat will be as much with the rice, but usually not whole grain rice, and vegetables are not as much with the rice, fruit and no. But if you play to the Chinese buffet restaurant dishes, or eat Western-style buffet, you can lunch, dinner plate, try in accordance with "half of the fruits and vegetables half of the meat meal" approach to access, ensure that you can eat and healthy