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2011年7月29日 星期五

High-protein diet

High-protein diet
More meat has long encouraged the Atkins diet has been popular for a time, but many people find that mad to eat meat though very happy, but not everyone can lose weight.
Now the Danish scholars over a long period of research and testing, again gave the nickname of "meat diet" to lose weight, a new interpretation.
New (low-glycemic index) diet and the Atkins protein diet are encouraged to eat high-protein, but the Atkins diet do not eat sugar, the researchers found that high-protein diet or to meet the whole grain (Whole Grain) Food and eat more fruits and vegetables, even if you can eat every meal, do not have to worry about gain weight.
Instead, this study subjects were divided into five groups, and found that eating low-protein, high glycemic index foods in this group, to gain weight the fastest and did not lose weight, but it is suitable for fertility!
The researchers noted that this diet the most important reason is because the high protein to provide more satiety, if you want to eat this diet for at least the heat is absorbed. Recommended high-protein sources include lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, beans and nuts food.
This high-protein diet and a condition is to eat low GI (glycemic index) foods, such as whole grain cereals. Low-glycemic index foods will not make rapid changes in blood sugar, which can make people less vulnerable to hunger.
So lose weight notebook friends to pay attention, in addition to eating high protein foods, but also pay attention to the GI value, that is, this diet allows you to quickly eat, but slowly getting hungry, one to one to the natural things to eat less fat will be more difficult