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2011年7月27日 星期三

Prevention is the key to lose weight more futile

Prevention is the key to lose weight more futile
British Medical Research Council's National Health and Development Survey, the researchers followed two groups of bodies of local residents. The first group of residents, including 5362, was born in 1946, the second group of residents, including 2 million people, was born in 1958.
The researchers who regularly statistical weight and blood pressure levels, and assess their lifestyle.
Results show that these people are from the 1980s began to gain weight, since weight increase every year. British "Daily Mail" 25, citing research director Rebecca ‧ Hardy as saying: "Once the fat, weight will continue to increase, is difficult to lower and lower down."
Statistics shows that most diet and exercise to lose weight by controlling the overweight will eventually return to the previous weight. Hadi said the United Kingdom each year about 12 million people to lose weight, less than 10% successful, but most of them will be fat again within a year.