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2011年7月29日 星期五

Do not eat lunch diet

Do not eat lunch diet
In order to heat and consume the same, so Zhuang Qi Ming's method is very simple (a lot of people do), is a small meal.
A large number of studies have found that skipping breakfast will actually lead to obesity, whether it is breakfast or kiwi banana for breakfast, just want to lose weight, eat some breakfast.
The rest of a meal, to how provincial it? Some people believe in the "not eat after noon," is do not eat dinner. But the evening's entertainment and more modern society, it is easy to break the so Zhuang Qi Ming save lunch, eat breakfast and dinner every day, ten years the same weight.
How do small meal? If you suddenly say "do not eat lunch today," and as long as people know that weight loss over the first day it is easy to reach, at most, that is, come back for dinner, but if a few days so that time the body will rebound, "Lunch" do not eat, but some do not eat a lot at something high-calorie, fat is just fate.
Alternatively, the public and lose weight together, eat lunch, half day, the other half of the money donated to go, so not bad. Can still eat 15% of daily calories!
Zhuang Qi Ming-eat lunch for 25 years, he is slowly lunch reduction, food intake gradually reduced from the original a little bit, not hungry until noon, so far, it can be abolished lunch.