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2011年7月29日 星期五

Metabolic balance diet

Metabolic balance diet
 Metabolic balance diet is the German Wolf Funfack doctors invention, advertised with evidence-based medicine, from the food database and the value of study of human blood from axillary, with this method as long as the diet, the body can achieve metabolic balance.

 Wolf Funfack doctors believe that as long as eating the wrong nutrition, intake does not meet the physical needs of food, metabolism will not be balanced, not only body weight gradually increased, and will also have chronic diseases. Just eat food, you can help the body to re-appropriate hormone secretion, especially insulin and anti-aging hormones, not only can improve the physical, you can change back to a normal weight.
 This is a metabolic balance diet seems very simple, even like to lose weight, but Taiwan was successfully lose weight this way, we can refer to a look. Metabolic balance diet of five is:

 Must eat three meals a day
 Eat something from the protein at every meal
 An interval of five hours between meals
 Last meal to eat before 9:00 in the evening
 Drink at least two liters of water (water weight loss)
 If you follow this method, assuming a 12 to eat at noon, then 7:00 would eat breakfast, dinner to eat after 6:00, so the lifestyle is a major challenge. Of course, if with the slow food diet, it should be better.
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