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2011年7月29日 星期五

Sleep diet! Adequate sleep can also lose weight!

Sleep diet! Adequate sleep can also lose weight!
Many people leave their "fat" and "Snooze," links together, and then his head will emerge in the "pig" image.
Yes, pigs can sleep a lot and become fat, but not enough sleep is if people will lose weight?
The answer is no!
Research report, "lose weight notebook," the reader If you can sleep a little, it is best to sleep at least 8 hours, so that weight loss would be more likely to succeed.
Population will be busy at night up late, woke up early to commute during the day, so sleep is not enough. According to researchers at the University of Chicago, they will be subjects into two groups, although the two are the same intake of calories, but a group of sleep 8.5 hours, the other group slept 5.5 hours a day, found that 8.5 hours of sleep group and 5.5 hours of that group are the same weight, but, 8.5 hours of this group has decreased more fat. So, eat sleep, less weight naturally!
Solohas.com reader should also remember that this study of sleep to lose weight (it should be for the researchers to their own needs) also had a lot before, as long as sleep less, they will eat more, and the three study are referred to Leptin leptin. As long as too little sleep, the body's leptin will reduce the results to stimulate growth hormone ghrelin, and will eat special food binge!
Chicago researchers explained that when you sleep long enough (for example, are less than 8 hours, or even less than 6 hours), the body will think you are living under the threat of a long period (a certain extent that's true). If this does not relieve the long-term threat, our body according to ancient memory, so will begin to hoard fat to prepare for contingencies (such as being laid off). So long as the long sleep enough, refreshing, to lift the body will naturally believe that the threat no longer need to reserve fat, fat will naturally diminish.