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2011年7月25日 星期一

healthy way to lose weight -reducing dietary

reducing dietary

Eating too much or eating very unhealthy, so the beauty of the MM to begin to control diet strategy! First of all, to choose a healthy way to lose weight is definitely not hungry do not eat, nor is eating very little food, but eating a healthy diet, can eat up 6-8 minutes full, if they will be unable to control eating many, it is recommended for a small point hold rice bowl, add not finished, so can, if not too much food control, by like to eat, do not be too difficult for yourself, step by step to lose weight, not one or two days on success.
 You know, our stomach can stretch, and I used to eat too much to stomach stays big, so every time you eat a lot do not feel full after a month of diet, you will find, You eat a lot of things have been less than a stuffed stomach because the stomach is smaller, then you have stepped into a success.