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2012年9月29日 星期六

10 Quick way to lose weight


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10 ways to lose weight, to speed up the burning of calories, and help you after the holiday to lose weight fast.
1, drink at least four cups of green tea
Research from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, found that Green tea contains antioxidants catechin (Catechins, a tea polyphenols) have a demonstrable effect on weight loss. Green tea that can help reduce overall fat, researchers It will also help to reduce the waist fat.
2, the use of interval training to lose weight
In low-intensity aerobic training, the intermittent impact strength, is conducive to the body to burn calories faster, if you are losing weight, you may wish to try interval training, you will find that your aerobic training, although he turn out to be out of breath, but a lot of fast fat reduction.
Do not starving yourself
Reduce the intake of too many calories will make you lose weight counterproductive. To lose weight is to control calorie intake, calorie intake, but not the less the better. Too hungry will not only affect your physical health, but also make you eat more, which would only cause Yuejianyuefei the results.
4 outdoor sports
The study found that walking or running outdoors running on a treadmill than you burn calories per cent more ten percent. Outdoors, whether running, biking or skating, practitioners Outdoor Games by greater resistance, the body itself need to burn more calories. Compared to exercise on a treadmill, outdoor running can consume 3% to 5% of calories.
5, pepper help you fast weight-loss
Chili can "lift" the excess fat in the human body. Some studies have shown that spicy foods can boost your metabolism. The pepper also cheap body dutiful son two enzymes in the fat-burning process that they can side to "persuade" fat cells uninstall, while brushing the fat Lvercaogu accumulation.
6 figure Lenovo suppress appetite
The study found that people look in the mirror before dinner or meal, 32% low fat content food than people who do not look in the mirror. If a dinner to think about the condition of their own body, it will greatly increase the chance to give up bad eating habits. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, may wish to put in the table next to the mirror, oh!
7, the fiber is good for weight loss
Eating 30 grams of fiber a day can increase the capacity of intestine, which promote intestinal peristalsis, and digestive system in top condition, not hunger soon after eating. Carrots and apples are rich in vitamins. Two carrots or four apples a day will be able to meet the body's daily demand. The role of cellulose food in the belly full, eating should drink a glass of water can help the body to consume excess fat easily.
8 more bananas
Bananas are rich in potassium, potassium by adjusting the water balance in the body, so as to speed up the metabolic rate. If your body is short of water, the metabolic rate will reduce the fat burning will be reduced. Every day, to ensure that the intake of 2000 mg of potassium, a banana contains 450 milligrams.
9, hyperactivity
The person who is always in a state of motion, such as the while 翘起二郎腿 while lay down their chests while, while they rose up, and went two steps, consume more calories than those who are sedentary.
10 gastrointestinal conditioning
Main reason is the irregular eating fattening during an extended holiday. If you have committed a mistake and want to remedy the first conditioning your stomach. Can be selected hypolipidemic Runchang food, removal of visceral fat, achieve the bowel, nursed the purpose of the stomach. Such as yams. Hawthorn, barley, cucumber. At the same time, can often drink some plain water, emptying intestinal timely.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, rapid weight loss, rapid weight loss method

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