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2012年9月24日 星期一

Weight loss secret - slimming tea


Weight loss, slimming teas, recipe, weight loss theory

The attention of the people who want to lose weight, and introduce a detached slimming secret to everyone. Homemade slimming tea a day to a cup of Feb. 15 pounds thinner, come try it!
During the day: 黑枣 five roses a small twist. Hawthorn 5, a small group of the lotus leaf powder, 5 grams of cassia seed, lemon twenty-three
Night: yogurt 400ML (night drinking alone not put tea)

Production Method
Production Method: 1, to prepare about 0.5 kg of cold water put dates, pink roses, hawthorn, lotus leaf, cassia seed, on the fire until the roll 15 minutes or so can; 2, and then put the sliced ​​lemon , one minute flameout.

Slimming tea - weight loss principle
1, Rose:
Rose liver qi stagnation, protect the liver, promote metabolism, potent fat (but go grease just gastrointestinal grease, rather than already exists in the subcutaneous fat of the subcutaneous)
Reminder: Rose Although fat, but do not confused just too much, otherwise there will be abdominal pain, watery diarrhea happen. The early can drink a glass or two a day can be drunk as a tea, gastrointestinal adapted.
The way recommended by the magical effect of the non-commodity slimming tea: Tea contains large amounts of dietary fiber, dietary fiber can not be digested, stays in the belly of a long time, there will be a belly full of feeling. More important is that it can burn fat, the key to this role is that vitamin B1. Tea is rich in vitamin B1, is capable of the fat adequately combustion into the heat necessary substances.
2 黑枣:
Fiber (dietary fiber and rapid weight loss). Long-term consumption can maintain normal metabolic function, skin looks delicate, but not easy to accumulate in the body fat oil, can achieve weight loss results.
3, lotus leaf:
Fat metabolism and decomposition, can effectively promote the maintenance of the cell's normal physiological function, to overcome alternate food type, excretion, nervous suppression, weight loss products undermine the dietary laws, reduce the function of the body, and lead to the disadvantage of other diseases, no rebound, no diarrhea , no fatigue, no hunger, no anorexia, non-toxic side effects, real green advanced weight loss products. And can significantly reduce serum glycerol glycerol and cholesterol, the health effects of the regulation of blood lipids.
Lotus leaves since ancient times to lose weight the best, as early as the Ming Dynasty had medical records: "lotus leaf to lose weight, it is thin bad," said, no side effects, and its natural plant quick and quite Katsuna. Slimming salon users personally try oh, the results were pretty good.

Of intestines peristalsis slow people (especially the obese dieters go on a diet to lose weight during) stool easily accumulated in the body, resulting in constipation. Recommended drinking.
Effects: Liver eyesight, and Water catharsis.
5, lemon:
Lemon can quench their thirst and dilute the desire to eat something, so you can effectively inhibit the improper diet. And lemon can improve the skin whitening effect.
Day dosage, If you want to cook more than a few days, the amount of material necessary to double the drink in the refrigerator, cold drinks, the material can only be used once, and only drink water, do not eat the residue! Buffet lunch is usually how to eat, how to eat, do not eat too much at night, you can get something to eat properly, or drink 400ML yogurt (espresso, my evening is the only yogurt oh), insist there will be success.
Advantages: this recipe is not drugs, so the dosage should not be too precise, and probably can wait until thin almost on the interval elongated drink once or twice a week on it
Weight loss, slimming teas, recipe, weight loss theory

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