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Slimming Tea-weight loss theory


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Slimming tea, medical theory, detoxifies the efficacy of the sum of the tea. Used to abatement the obesity of tea agent. Prescription each, plus how many there are of Chinese herbal medicine, said to reduce fat, reduce cholesterol, eliminate fatigue and other effects.
Weight loss theory

Tea contains aromatic compounds can dissolve fat, Huazhuo the the to greasy to prevent fat Indigestion body. Vitamins B1, C and caffeine can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and Cellulite.
Slimming tea by function and toxicology experiments show, can promote fat metabolism and decomposition, to maintain normal physiological function, to overcome the destruction of the dietary laws of weight loss products on behalf of the food and feces type neural inhibition type, reduce the function of the body, while the induced the shortcomings of other diseases.
The tea polyphenols increase metabolism, antioxidant, and clear the role of free radicals, etc., by many triglyceride lipase and the role of activated protein kinase, to reduce the accumulation of fat cells, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss.
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Tea one hour after a meal, drink, tea immediately after dinner, and over time can induce anemia, the iron in one hour after dinner drink, food basic absorption finish, this time the tea is not will affect the absorption of iron. Contains a lot of tannic acid in the tea, and a lot of drinking tea, iron and tannin combine to form an insoluble substances impede the absorption of iron, so daily consumption of green tea is not to over 1000 ml, otherwise it will cause iron deficiency anemia . Should be noted that stomach ulcers, anemia, menstrual or the often vegetarian who does not fit tea.
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Side effect

1. Appetite suppressant class: to control food intake increases satiety and reduces appetite. This slimming tea side effects: the effect of uncertainty, varies from person to person. Long-term large doses may cause malnutrition.
2. Fat absorption blocker: Studies have shown that this type of preparation can reduce intestinal fat absorption. Appropriate to reduce the absorption of fat can accelerate reduce fat speed. There are many well-known brands of weight loss products are manufactured based on such principles. Slimming tea side effects often appear inadequate absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. Diarrhea.
3. Carbohydrate absorption blockers: studies have shown that these drugs can reduce the body's absorption of carbohydrates to prevent excess carbohydrates into fat. The long-term side effects are unknown.
4. Diarrhea categories: lapactic reduce the body's absorption of food. Slimming tea side effects may cause gastrointestinal disorders, malnutrition.
5. Diuretics: These products mainly by promoting urination and weight loss. Diuretics only minus the weight of water in the body, drink plenty of water weight recovery, long-term weight loss does not make sense. The side effects of electrolyte metabolism disorders, low blood pressure, dehydration.
6. Heat production class: such products by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, improve the metabolic rate of the body to produce and consume more calories to reduce fat and weight reduction. Before use in the morning or fitness can improve energy and fat consumption; taking 15 to 20 minutes before exercise can improve strength and endurance. Bodybuilders reach the lower body fat aids. The use of ephedrine and excessive use of caffeine and green tea extract may cause headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, tachycardia. People with heart disease and hypertension should not use these drugs, the visible side effects of this weight loss tea is more.
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Pros and cons

The principle: from the mouth into the room to the alternate diet drinks food type, excretion, nervous suppression destroy the dietary laws to speed up the body break down the food to digest, long-term use of a reduced function of the body, inducing the disadvantage of other diseases.
Effects: weight loss fast, especially in the abdomen, a month of not being able to feel little stomach flat.
Experience evaluation: The first couple days slimming tea, drink and soon there is the feeling of the toilet. Every morning and after dinner cup of started drinking to after half an hour in the afternoon for half an hour after a meal went. Feeling very dry lips.
Fatal drawback: side effects, easy to rebound, not long-term drinking slimming tea, people need to lose weight can choose a healthy and safe way to lose weight, to subside fat lose weight.
Expert advice: slimming tea mainly alternate food type, excretion, nervous suppression achieve a slimming effect, long-term effect will be destroying the human gastrointestinal digestion, stomach and other bodily functions, and side effects are large and easy rebound, easy to induce other diseases such as sluggish, dull, anorexia.
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Protein mulberry tea
Does not contain polyphenols, protein mulberry leaf powder containing 18-30% protein, 4-10% crude fat, calcium 0.3-0.86% 1.9-2.87%, potassium, magnesium 0.47-0.63%, also contains a lot of iron, zinc, copper and other minerals and a variety of micro-organisms, and the amino acid range. In particular, contains a variety of natural active substances, also has anti-stress, and enhance the body stamina and increased disease resistance.
Mulberry containing one called 1 - deoxynojirimycin the neomycin (DNJ), which is a kind exists only about 100mg/100g an alkaloid content in the mulberry leaf in the alkaloid is a α-glycosidase inhibitors. Mulberry leaves contain not only DNJ, and is rich in gamma aminobutyric acid and plant Chun, and its content is 3-4 times that of green tea.

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