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2012年9月29日 星期六

Corset to lose weight


Corset to lose weight , dieting, dieting to lose weight, weight loss methods
The corset to lose weight Principle: through clothes shaping, shaping lines from the chest to the waist looks slim and slender.
Girly weight loss is really effective?
Some people think that wearing a corset weight loss effect, their point of view is: Wrap the site of a lot of sweat, reducing edema. The same time, the design reasonable girly fat package also tight, slightly shift through physical action, that the use of waste.
Adapt to the crowd: waist, thighs, buttocks, obesity, leg, arm obese are not combined. Loose skin is easier to see the effect.
Effect: the general effect to be six months to a year to see this method to improve the overall shape effect is more pronounced.
Good body for a more beautiful woman a good sculpting stretch underwear (hereinafter referred to as the shapewear) can help the woman retrieve the perfect curves consumers should choose a dress more comfortable and more healthy girly reporter recently this purpose visited the Beijing market and interviewed some authorities
Shapewear underwear elastic improved by adding elastic yarn in weaving local elastic underwear modeling in line with the body curve increase the force of contraction of individual parts to achieve the correct shape and slim shape effect
The corset to lose weight advantages: the effect is immediate.

Disadvantages: nature does not produce a reduced fat. Corset too tight can cause organ dysfunction caused by irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility.

The corset to lose weight recommendations: Do not wear too tight, not long wear.

Corset to lose weight , dieting, dieting to lose weight, weight loss methods

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