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2012年9月29日 星期六

Exercise to lose weight


Exercise to lose weight, diet, weight loss diet, weight loss methods
The principle of exercise to lose weight: increase the basal metabolic rate, burn body fat quickly, weight control through exercise.

Exercise to lose weight advantages: weight loss, but also improve heart and lung function, prevention of the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, healthy and effective way to lose weight.

Exercise to lose weight Disadvantages: Not all sports can lose weight. Such as high intensity exercise descendants boosted appetite will eat too much food; short time sports, fast explosive movements are not able to lose weight. May rebound after you stop exercising.

The first stage
Time: Movement began to 15 minutes (first 15 minutes): consumption of water (water harm you edema)

Do not know we have not found, actually not just sports sweating? But after about 10 minutes later, they began Kuangpen fierce flow (somewhat evil), fragrant perspiration dripping (a little A), which is the body has begun to consume water signs. "Sodium intake too much (please refer to what is" balls life? The edema caused this) as a result of edema, or drinking too much water before going to bed, can be discharged movement pattern metabolic, stunning ( know to look in the mirror face was thin, self-confidence back to you). So, as long as control the movement time (to avoid dehydration becomes dry), edema naturally away from you ~ ~

PS Some edema is caused because of drug or disease, movement (but can still lose weight!), Looking for a doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment may not be able to exclude Oh!

"Second stage"
Time: 15 minutes to 30 minutes (after 15 minutes): carbohydrate (harm you fat starch)

After just 15 minutes, you start to feel the body is a little tight (water discharged in succession), then heartbeat will speed up slowly, his face ruddy, wheezing again and again (how a bit like romantic novels ...), 15 minutes consume so starchy you fat if you do not it is wiped out, it will also turn to fat accumulation, not in addition to non-ah ~ ~

"Third stage"
Time: 30 minutes to 40 minutes (10 minutes): consumption of fat (harmful fat oil)

See here, there should be many people Yankuangshirun, nose an acid, to blame the hero (heroine) tears shed, hearts shouted: "his x milk x egg! Original mistake!" the! This is why you prior to movement to the death of no use, because most people have sports after 30 minutes (the second phase is completed), whole body sweating does not say, have long been identified "since" in mind, so boldly on the rest. In fact, the body simply has not yet begun to consume people the most hateful killer fatter - "fat"!

Exercise to lose weight recommendations: choose the right exercise to keep fit and long-term adherence. Strength training, abdominal breathing, fitness, dance, tennis, varied pace, yoga for weight loss campaign.

Exercise to lose weight, diet, weight loss diet, weight loss methods

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