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Surgery to lose weight

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Weight loss surgery: liposuction
Weight loss many people the tried many innocent without health healthy weight loss tips, in addition to a balanced diet and exercise, usually do not want too fast, ideal weight loss weight loss less each Sunday to minus 0.5 to 1 kg a month, not to exceed 4 kg, so weight loss rate is more appropriate. If you really need to rely on drugs, but also must be approved by the Department of Health, diet pills, legal diet pills promise Mei Ting and Xenical, the people in the diet is best to seek normal pipeline to lose weight in order to avoid fragmentation and beverages.
From fashion slim after the health of the United States, many people always suspected the body more than a piece of meat, and they do not want to step-by-step, to proceed from the diet, exercise, and always seeks a quick weight loss surgery. Development of bariatric surgery has about a half-century history, and after years of trying, eliminate, currently the most commonly used for gastric bypass, gastric compartment vertical banding gastric banding and gastric volume reduction four kinds of surgery, each with its own advantages and disadvantages Suitable also slightly different. Most of the weight loss surgery, however, only applies to morbid obesity, general obesity should be resolved through exercise, diet start, no other shortcuts. Morbid obesity is often with the metabolic syndrome (that is, at the same time have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes), heart and lung disease (myocardial hypoxia, easy breath, pulmonary function abnormalities), liver disease (hepatic dysfunction, fatty liver), high uric acid psychological problems accompanied; should make a careful assessment before surgery, postoperative should comply with the nutritionist's diet plan, the sports expert training guidance, the psychologist counseling and behavior change in order to achieve the desired weight loss results the accompanied by the occurrence of the disease to reduce or disappear.

Who are candidates for weight loss surgery
In general, conventional medical therapy to try to lose weight fail (over six months), BMI ≧ 37 or BMI ≧ 32 combined with obesity lead to major medical illness, 14-year-old ≦ age ≦ 65 years of age, not because of the endocrine system, and lead obese, no major mental illness or drug abusers, the main organ dysfunction, and can receive general anesthesia and surgical risk, surgery may be considered acceptable to improve obesity, weight loss surgery, including:

Gastric banding popular
- Adjustable gastric band surgery (adjustable gastric banding) is the latest weight-loss surgery, a silicone adjustable gastric banding, doctors apron in the upper stomach, the stomach cavity is divided into two parts, a series of esophageal smaller upper half, only 15-20c.c. capacity, the doctor can inject normal saline to tighten the stomach when the patient is eating the food through the esophagus into the stomach and the upper part of the Note the full brine gastric banding food channel narrowed, the food slowly through the retention of food the stomach feeling of fullness, thereby reducing food intake, and thus achieve weight loss results.

After surgery, the patient needs to be a period of adjustment, two to four days after surgery can be discharged, initially a week eating liquid food, two to three weeks they can eat semi-solid food and no-calorie beverages. In addition the habitual after surgery to reduce food intake, smaller meals, and prohibit the consumption of high-calorie foods such as: sugary drinks, cola, soft drinks, fats and oils snacks, milkshakes, bread, wine, etc.. Patients need to periodically adjust the tightness of the gastric band, for example, some patients adapt to the capacity of the stomach not consciously will eat, doctors need to inject physiological saline and then tighten the gastric band.

Since the development of laparoscopic surgery, via laparoscopic implantation. Referred to as the the LAGB (laproscopic adjustable gastric banding), the trade name Lap-Band. U.S. FDA in 2001 through bariatric surgery; recognized as legitimate by the Department of Health in Taiwan in October 2006.

Laparoscopic gastric banding surgery can be said is the easiest, safest weight loss surgery, complications are rare, almost non-death cases. Principle: open a small mouth parts need liposuction, the liposuction tube extends into the fat layer, then vacuum to suck out the fat using liposuction machine.

Advantages: only half an hour to one hour's time, weight immediately mitigate, and Xiangshou which to lean where. Weight loss, but also the shape of the body slim curve.

Disadvantages: the single pumping a site will lead to uncoordinated body proportions. Such as arms liposuction will be very back of the meat more, had to do back liposuction. The postoperative even wear tights, coincided with hot days sweating more than a month of convalescence is difficult to endure. In addition, there is the risk of infection and fat embolism.

Recommendation: eat less and exercise habits to cultivate after liposuction, or fat will grow back again soon.

Weight loss, weight loss surgery, the principle way to lose weight, surgery, weight loss surgery, liposuction, gastric banding surgery


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