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2012年9月26日 星期三

Olive oil to lose weight


Olive oil, weight loss, weight loss methods, olive oil to lose weight
To body fat to lose, usually lose weight when we do not eat too fatty fat stuff, but now there is a lot of oil to lose weight, called the olive oil diet, nutrient-rich olive oil to lose weight, now and still lose weight. We work together to understand the weight loss method.
First, the olive oil
Olive oil has a golden liquid in the title, it's very nutritious, which contain a lot of vitamin A, D, E, K, F, these fat-soluble vitamins are easily absorbed by the skin. The amount of olive oil contains vitamin E, 100 grams of olive oil containing 8 mg of vitamin E. Vitamin E for women is very good, it can maintain the female body beauty, helps digestion, and be able to prevent the symptoms of constipation. Daily breakfast, drink some olive oil can play a good weight loss.
Breakfast drink olive oil
Olive oil can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, drink olive oil can promote digestion, relieve stomach pain, bloating, heartburn and other symptoms. Before you eat breakfast every morning, drink a tablespoon of olive oil first, then drink a glass of orange juice, which can prevent and improve constipation. Bowel detoxification diet helps a lot, just a breakfast drink no great effect, and you can also drink a tablespoon at night.
Weight loss should not be eating too much hormone
Weight loss is to eat too prime cause symptoms of constipation. In private, the treatment of constipation people with castor oil, vegetable oil. This shows that the effect of olive oil has been a lot of practice proved effective. Addition to drink olive oil in the morning when, in everyday life, the cooking time can also use olive oil, so you can make some of the vegetables in the fat-soluble vitamin can get better absorption.
Fourth, olive oil promote digestion
Daily diet often eat some food made of flour, flour food general digestion will the United States be so easy, even whole wheat bread. Constipation patients would not have to eat these foods, bread, biscuits, cakes, noodles food to avoid. Consumption of cold-pressed olive oil or grape seed oil after low-temperature processing of oil, can play a very good promoting digestion, which wrote the best raw food, the better.
Olive oil, weight loss, weight loss methods, olive oil to lose weight

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