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2012年9月28日 星期五

6 most popular fast weight loss recipes


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Do all kinds of exercise to lose weight but also with a reasonable and nutritious diet recipes to do more with less.

NO.1 (eggs, milk + fruit vegetarian beauty method)

1 breakfast a soft-boiled eggs, a cup of milk, half an apple or some potato + ham + salad dressing

2, Chinese food and a bowl of rice dishes

3, dinner at seven eating lunch, but eat only seven to eight full can, and after nine o'clock not eat anything but fruit, except

4 cup of fruit juice at bedtime (squeeze lemon juice + water + two plum) (taste good, remember no sugar)

5, with moderate exercise

NO.2 (yogurt slimming foods diet)

1, after getting up: two glasses of water

Breakfast: vegetable juice 200cc

Lunch: yogurt 500 g

Dinner: vegetable juice 200cc

5, 1-2 glasses of water before going to bed

NO.3 (Apple menu)

Breakfast: a bottle of milk (or unsweetened coffee) + a boiled (or boiled eggs)

Apple: starting from 12:00, every two hours to eat an apple until 8:00 pm, a total of five finished eating it no longer eat apple meal a day is enough

NO.4 (whole wheat bread + skim milk Western-style diet)

1, B: a grilled whole wheat toast, boiled eggs, a cup of skim milk, a cup of tea (Diet Coke can)

2, in: a cup of skim milk, boiled tuna (an equal amount of chicken breast also) boiled vegetables, fruit, a (guava or apple, tomato), tea (Diet Coke can)

3 nights: dinner menu of their deployment, but prohibit the consumption of starch and meat

Five days are usually implemented lean six kilograms, but every day want to drink at least 2500-3000cc.

NO.5 (honey diet)

1, the first day: drink honey (drink tea)

2 second Santian: normal diet (but not eating and drinking)

3 Day: drink honey

4, six days: normal diet

Usually a week down to 3-4 kilograms of lean, if you really can not stand off food can be used to choose one meal a day drink honey

NO.6 (Chinese medicine diet drink posts)

1, cassia seed 2 two fried Hawthorn 3 money, dried tangerine peel 2 money, licorice 2.

The Liuwan water to boil, sub-simmer Triple minutes, immediately pour out, in order to avoid the concoction is the dregs absorbance.

3, a day, a quote, if diarrhea situation, you can take every other day.

Taking this dose, the need to eat sweets, fried foods and starch / four hours before bedtime fasting / until reduced to ideal body weight, cassia seed and barley tea decoction that is able to maintain not gain weight.

Absolutely not late night, eat snacks
Triple meals should eat (eight full), but do not eat too full, and pay attention to eating more chew, ponder over the slow avoid eating too much food
3, eat fried foods or sweets, these have a high heat
4, during weight loss may not strenuous exercise (walking, bowling can be)
5, rice, wheat, flour and other starchy foods, although essential, but should be minimized
6, the cooking of food, reducing oil
7, choose their own way to lose weight, if the body can not load, do not try to be brave, "thin health is our ideal!

Quick weight loss diets, weight loss, weight loss methods, weight loss Popular

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