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Acupuncture weight loss

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Acupuncture weight loss principle: through the needles to stimulate acupuncture points, adjust the body's metabolism and endocrine function, promote fat decomposition, while inhibiting gastrointestinal motility and gastric acid secretion, alleviate hunger.

Acupuncture weight loss advantages: the most "green" way to lose weight, lose weight while conditioning the meridians and endocrine.

Acupuncture weight loss Disadvantages: Chinese pay attention to conditioning, so acupuncture slimming individual differences. If you go to beauty salon not qualified acupuncture, improper acupuncture, causing internal organs such as the heart, lungs, and liver damage, and even HIV.
Acupuncture to lose weight three essentials

First, acupuncture weight loss patients should be adult obesity, such patients is easier to adjust the body's metabolic function smoothly promote lipolysis to achieve the effect of lipid-lowering diet.

Second, Acupuncture and a better diet, with the control diet principles are: hungry do not eat, hungry, eat, eat vegetables and lean meat, eggs, and eat a can, do not eat sweets and fatty meat, potatoes, lotus root, vermicelli.

Third, acupuncture weight loss process role in the adjustment of the meridian system, mobilize the regulatory function of the body's internal to promote metabolic equilibrium process with its own regulation, so acupuncture to lose weight, will not soon stop weight gain. Acupuncture weight loss is a gradual process. If you expect a few needle sticks can become tall and slim, that is unrealistic.

Experts remind community acupuncture to lose weight numerous treatment agencies is quite a mixed bag, be sure to choose the approval of relevant departments, qualified in the medical unit for treatment for weight loss and conditioning professional medical advice and treatment.

The main role of acupuncture weight loss

Experts, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that obesity vacuity of the card-based virtual qi deficiency mainly disease was mainly in the spleen. Acupuncture weight loss in traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, under the guidance of acupuncture specific meridians and acupoints to balance the yin and yang organs conditioning, running blood, dredge meridians so as a treatment for weight loss. If you use the principles of modern medicine explain acupuncture weight loss is mainly through regulating the nervous system, endocrine system, water and salt metabolism, lipid metabolism process to achieve the one hand, can suppress the patients over Kang appetite, inhibit the hyperactivity of the gastrointestinal digestive function, thereby reduce energy intake through enhanced energy consumption on the other hand, promote lipolysis to promote energy metabolism, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss contraindications

Acupuncture weight loss as a treatment method, its indications and contraindications. The experts say that acupuncture weight loss is only suitable for simple obesity due to other diseases caused by obesity, secondary obesity patients should begin treatment of the primary disease. In addition, postpartum or after abortion menstrual period did not resume normal women, lactating women, and combined cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, liver and kidney failure, cancer, blood disorders and other serious diseases are not suitable for obese patients receiving acupuncture weight loss treatment. From age, the 18-year-old to 55-year-old middle-aged and young people through acupuncture weight loss results will be better, because at this age, the human body is relatively sound, and relatively easy to adjust a variety of metabolic functions in the body of the machine force through acupuncture.

Experts said acupuncture to lose weight, according to the statistics, more than 80% efficiency, but she found that in the past few years of clinical experience, For the and had repeatedly 服用减肥药 matter invalid or obese patients, effective weight rebounded almost difficult since the effect of acupuncture to lose weight. Her analysis, it may be because the body of these patients have been many drugs to stimulate the stimulation of acupuncture has no less sensitive than the sake of.

Note that, there are following cases of patients are not suitable for acupuncture weight

1, suffering from various diseases is not suitable during acupuncture to lose weight.

2, with a bleeding tendency diseases such as hemophilia patients, the clotting mechanism and anemia.

3, voluntarily donating blood to a person under the age of 1 month.

4, suffering from a skin disease.

5, heart function is weak.

Fourth, acupuncture weight loss principles

Acupuncture and a better diet, with the control diet principles are: hungry do not eat, hungry, eat, eat vegetables and lean meat, eggs, and eat a can, do not eat sweets and fatty meat, potatoes, lotus root , vermicelli, etc.. Acupuncture to lose weight in the most appropriate age is between 20-40 years old. However, there are individual differences, objectively speaking, some people use acupuncture weight loss method is ineffective for effective people, acupuncture weight loss is a gradual process. If we expect a few needle sticks can become tall and slim, it is not realistic.

Acupuncture weight loss is the best adult obesity, the most appropriate age is between 20-40 years old. Especially abdominal obesity, adjusted through the meridians, acupuncture acupuncture weight loss abdominal fat accumulation is more prominent; Second For too obese body wet through acupuncture diuretic, sweating, so as to eliminate wet the role to achieve weight loss goals.

Some people too much gastric acid secretion, and thus a strong hunger, has been the urge to eat something, this type of obesity is generally called "stomach Huo-wang" acupuncture function to reduce obesity 胃火, reduce or inhibit the appetite of obese hyperactivity, thereby reducing food intake, avoid over-eating, and to inhibit gastrointestinal digestion and absorption function.
Acupuncture weight loss advice: go to formal medical institutions acupuncture, acupuncture needles buy their own dedicated, to avoid the risk of infectious diseases.
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