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8 effective way to lose weight

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Eight most effective way to lose weight, help your body sculpting success easily have a devil figure Oh!
1, and tap your inner guidance
The heart guidelines, a psychological allow us to adhere to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Our heart is very clear what kind of choices and actions can help themselves to achieve the goals and aspirations, of course, it is also to understand when we need to selflessly pay, and then handed over to the cosmic forces to deal with the circulation and exchange of energy.
The heart guidelines will give us the power, and will change our habits. Others can inspire us to educate our culture we. But to be successful, we must be self-managing our daily habits. Only to find inner guidelines in our hearts, to give yourself enough confidence to let your heart strong enough, successful weight loss dreams will become a reality.
2, dine in a quiet place
While watching TV while eating let your attention on the TV screen, the brain can not immediately tell you to eat, so unwittingly eat more, so find a quiet place to dine, the attention focused on food, so do not worry about the problem of over-eating.
3, to bring the heart rate detector
Excessive exercise or lack of exercise is not conducive to weight loss. The rhythm detector allows you to change at any time exercise intensity will not be a waste of time to do useful work in perception. When the heart rate beating for 70% -80% level, will maximize the burning of calories and fat, if less than the heart rate, fat burning will be greatly reduced. Only when calorie intake is less than burn calories, lose weight began to have an effect, so regardless of the heat came from, as long as they are burned out is victory.
4, regular exercise
Exercise to lose weight to have the right way, step by step, not in spite of the physical condition, blindly Jigong Mengjin. To according to their physical order of adjustment, or increase or decrease the amount of exercise, breezed fuel lean. Excessive intensity exercise is not conducive to weight loss. The greater the intensity of the movement, the greater may produce hunger, it is more likely to lead to eating too much.
5, control emotional eating
We must learn to control their emotions, negative emotions easily lead to overeating. Do you think they might want to get something to eat to comfort their emotions, consciously remind myself to do other things to disperse the attention of food. Or try other measures to prevent their own distraught. For example, listen to music, talking with friends, reading, sports, or take a walk, and so on.
6, to maintain adequate sleep
Want to successful weight loss, sleep must be adequate. The study found that women who sleep less than five hours a day, the weight to be heavier than those who sleep time of eight hours a day to ensure. Why is this? First, the lack of sleep can affect a person's basic metabolic rate (the energy consumed by a person in the rest of the time). Second, the lack of sleep will happen thermal effects, so you bother to move more, so less calories consumed. So, to maintain adequate sleep can help lose weight.
7, adequate intake of protein
Protein than fat and starch are more likely to create a sense of fullness. Protein is the latest secret weapon to lose weight. Adequate intake of protein, not only beneficial to the muscles of your body, but also to accelerate the fat burning while increasing satiety. If you adjust your diet, your daily intake of food rich in protein, containing both cellulose, coupled with the right amount of exercise you do not want to lean down immune.
, Think you are not really hungry
Whenever you have the desire to eat, must ask ourselves: really hungry? Hunger signals your body to you, say that it will need to add energy, so if you desire to eat is not from hunger, eating will never have the satisfaction. Not hungry, try not to eat, you can try to find something to do to distract your attention, you will not also want to eat. In addition, Eat small meals can help you to suppress the bad habit of over-eating.

Weight loss, weight loss methods, rapid weight loss, rapid weight loss method 


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