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2012年9月24日 星期一

8 big hidden beverages for Improper diet

Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss improper Weight loss is not a trifling matter. Any frivolous or unscientific move obtained may be body damage or troubles, you believe that?
Low-calorie recipes - sudden death
Reducing meals, calorie restriction is a common way to lose weight, just stick to receive good results. But to moderate daily intake of total calories shall not be less than 600 cards, the University of California, Greenway Dr., studies have shown that daily calorie recipes provided below 600 card can endanger the heart, the light changes in heart rate occurred, re- there may be starved to death by the same heart attack, the risk of sudden death, medically known as sudden death.
Strict vegetarian - hair loss
The Japanese experts Statistics show, goes hand in hand with weight loss hot "hair loss is increasing, of which 20% to 30% of 20-30 year-old young women. The crux of the main component of hair is called a fish prion protein, which a lot of trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper, vegetarian diet, eat vegetables, fruits and flour, inadequate intake of protein and trace elements, resultinghair fall off due to severe malnutrition.
Lose weight too fast - gallstones
Europe and the United States and other countries doctors in recent years have reported, in pursuit of quick weight loss initially 2-4 months, about a quarter of the people suffering from gallstones, which is even higher incidence of weight loss surgery. Rapid weight loss Why would such a consequence? Because when the heat supply drastically reduced precipitation in the organization of the accelerated consumption of fat and cholesterol along with movement, proliferation of content in the bile, the bile thus becomes sticky, crystal precipitation and settling down.Control diet reduced bile secretion, cholecystokinin weakened, timely emptying, also contributed to the formation of stones. If you slow down the rate of weight loss per week weight loss of no more than 500 grams of principle to arrange a day for three meals, you can prevent the incidence of gallstones.
Lose weight too much - memory impairment
Dr. the German the Dussel nutrition hospital Gustav Crane Hofer remind dieters: the remaining fat in the body can stimulate the brain, accelerate the ability of the brain to process information, to enhance short-term and long-term memory. Weighing in excess of 20% -35% of the smartest people, women diet memory loss maximum.Therefore, to protect your brain function, weight loss move when cautious.
The weight rebound - heart disease
If weight loss caused by improper weight rebound may be incurred for heart disease. Investigation, according to U.S. researchers, it has become a major threat to men over the age of 40 dieters, and to the invasion of chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, hepatitis can take advantage of the machine, gastroptosis, depression, malnutrition incidence increased. Dieters insist on a combination of diet and exercise to consolidate the weight loss, keep body weight stable, prevent rebound.Otherwise it is better not to lose weight. Maintain weight stability more beneficial to health.
And puberty weight loss - amenorrhea
For women, there are a reasonable choice of timing issues, puberty should not lose weight. Because of the need to accumulate a certain amount of fat (accounting for 17% of total body weight) to make menarche Ruqierzhi adolescent females, and maintain monthly regularity.Blindly to lose weight, body fat reduction, will enable the menarche could not come to menarche, menstrual disorders or amenorrhea occurs.
Fertility Diet - infertility
Women in the reproductive period, the same need to accumulate sufficient fat to complete the important task of raising a family. Population centers of Harvard University, Dr. Frisch should take up 22% of the body weight, the amount of fat accumulated by women before pregnancy may conceive, more than 28% have sufficient energy reserves to maintain the months of pregnancy and the postpartum 3 months of breast-feeding is required.
The lactation diet - damage to the baby's health
Weight loss to diet restriction fat and fat is an important component of the milk, when the milk is not fresh fat from the food, body conditioning system will draw on stored fat milk, but may contain baby fat reserves substances with adverse health and development, so lactating should not lose weight. Lose weight, weight loss methods, weight loss improper  -->

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